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Chapter 129 Stunning!


Qin Zhou’s heart was looking forward to seeing that dress got worn.

But, he is not sure if the heaven will get surprised when Yun Shishi will wear it.

Then, Alan took Yun Shishi into the dressing room and soon she changed her clothes.

Shao Dong wanted to leave the shop already.

But, Hanyu Yan refuses.

She wanted to see if that girl has the ability to wear such dress or she will only spoil it!

Makeup, accessories, high heels … …a woman that is dressing up will not only take thirty minutes.

Shao Dong and Hanyu Yan has long been so impatient, but Gu Xingze looks very patient and was only looking at the fashion magazines on the couch.

When suddenly, the dressing room got opened.

Yun Shishi was holding the skirt of the dress when she steps out gracefully in the room.

At that moment, she attracted everyone’s eyes.

(Note: This is not the actual image, I just think it looks like this but not quiet.)

In his amazement, Qin Zhou whistle in owes.

While Gu Xingze put down the magazine in his hands.

Looking at Alan’s expression, she also praises Yun Shishi and carefully pushes her in front of Gu Xingze.

“Xingze, are you satisfied now”

Alan said and couldn’t even hide her own amazement.

“I really didn’t expect Miss Yun can wear this dress perfectly! Miss Yun’s temperament fits with this dress.

If Ms.

Helen Swift could see her, she will also get amazed with her!”

When Gu Xingze looks at Yun Shishi, his eyes got fixed and couldn’t help but got attracted to her.

For so many years, he had seen countless of people in the entertainment industry.

But right now, he wanted to thank the creator of beautiful things.

So nice! She looks so gorgeous!

Yun Shishi was standing in front of him while holding the skirt of the dress in her waist. The noble and elegant looking dress that also looks a bit flirtatious with its red color exposed her exquisite and sexy figure.

While still highlighting her noble dignity. 

The fusion between a sexy woman from the East and the elegant dress from Europe looks rather mysterious.

The popular designer and tailor that created this dress don’t have a low value.

But then again, Alan think that Yun Shishi perfectly presented the real value of this dress!

Gu Xingze got totally fascinated.

His eyes didn’t move away for a long time.

When he saw how sexy she looks in that dress, he couldn’t help but feel hot.

Alan’s heart secretly laughs at him. Gu Xingze usually looks cold to women, but in the end, he is still a man.

Not to mention, it seems like Yun Shishi is the Queen of Beauty.

Making a man can’t resist her.

“Beautiful!” Gu Xingze stared at her for a long time and made his sincere evaluation.

It’s just a short word, but it is unbearable true.

Yun Shishi just faintly smiles and look down, not because Gu Xingze’s evaluation are too smug.

But because she was waiting for Qin Zhou’s evaluation.

Her eyes respectfully ask his views.

Qin Zhou diligently nodded his head.

“Nice! You look so beautiful.

I’m sorry but I have some poor vocabulary! “

“Thank you!” Yun Shishi smile and gracefully turned to look at herself in the mirror.

She completely ignored the eyes that were burning with passion on the side.

Shao Dong didn’t expect her to get more beautiful.

At that moment, all of his attention was attached to her!

That dress is so beautiful, but it got even more beautiful because Yun Shishi looks like a noble lady and her temperament are restrained.

So, men couldn’t help but get fascinated! And he is no exception!

Hanyu Yan who was standing on the side got jealousy and her eyes turn red in anger.

She always acts like a proud peacock, so now that there is someone else that was standing in her territory.

Why would her heart be willing to accept it

These people were focusing on her before.

But now inside this dressing, no one even looks at her!


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