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Chapter 1414 Creating the So-called Hype 

It was not that simple to pave a smooth road to fame in the entertainment industry.

Without real ability, there was no way to court fame.


“I trust that you still remember my ambitions for you; I hope you can work with me on that.

In the past, I made Xingze famous.

Now, my goal is to help you reach the number-one tier and become an exceptional star, but your current behavior is a great hindrance to that!”

His tone was heavy as he spoke with his gaze falling deeply on her!

The undertone in his words was searching and serious.

She immediately turned silent!

Qin Zhou continued, “You ought to keep in mind that Ive been in this industry for many years, so I possess enough resources to protect you fully! You need not worry about the hidden rules with me around! You also dont have to go drinking with bosses or sleep around with anyone! Besides your capability, what you must do is work along with me.”


Somewhat vexed, she remarked out of the blue, “Actually, I dont understand why Xingze can rise to fame while steering clear of gossip in the last decade, but I cant.

Hes proven himself through his talent, hasnt he Why is he allowed to do that, but I am not”

Why does he not need hype to become a super idol with an evergreen status, while I cant

She could not fathom this point.

“Silly girl, thats because men and women hold a different status in this industry.”


He patiently explained, “Women are the biggest consumer group of the entertainment industry.

Generally speaking, ladies hold many fantasies for their idols and see the actors as their dream man-gods or nation husbands.

From that, have you ever seen any woman hoping to see her husband be involved in a scandal with another woman”

The actress was hit by a sudden realization when she heard that.


“Its different for an actress, though.

Since the main consumer group is the female population, then for an actress to gain exposure, besides beauty, acting ability, and image, what else do you think she needs”

“I understand now.

She needs to satisfy the gossip mentality of the masses…” she replied.

He smiled contentedly.

“You arent that stupid, then! For women, they like gossip and entertainment.

When a star is rumored to be having an affair with their idol, theyll naturally pay more attention to her! This is how one actress gains exposure.”

“Still… Surely, the actress will face lots of malicious and slanderous accusations.”

An example was Andy whom she had met today.

“This cant be helped.” The agent smiled and did not deny her supposition, admitting it, instead.

“This method of creating hype will cause you to hear slander and vicious words initially! Just talk about Weibo alone; your account will be bombarded by Xingzes army of fans, so stay away from it and its comment sections during this period.”

His words were a terrifying reminder to her.

The superstars fans were labeled as theUN army because they came from all sorts of nationalities.

It was said that his fanbase had broken the 100-million record.

100 million…

This was only the recorded number of registered fans on the official website and did not take into account those unregistered.

The terrifying figure naturally unnerved her.

“Shishi, I want you to understand something.”

Her manager suddenly sat down in front of her and grasped the cup of coffee he got from the nearby café before he returned to the office.

“Look at this cup of coffee; do you know which store I got it from”




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