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Mu Linfeng was stumped, his lips rigidly pursing.

He was once a ruthless person in times of desperate straits, too.

Therefore, when Youyou said those words, he could sense the murderous spirit lying in wait, hidden around him via his subconscious mind!

Something was bubbling in the dark, frosty him to the bone!

Was there something lurking around!

He astutely realized that a team of armed individuals was perhaps waiting quietly in the dark around them!

Suddenly, he felt a shiver run down his spine.

Having a military career for half his life let him react in time.

Likely, there was a sniper in position from several hundred meters away!

Maybe, somewhere in the darkness, there was a marksman looking through his sniper lens right now, aiming at the spot between his brows!

That was why this child could say such words so ostentatiously and with much nonchalance.

‘Touch a hair strand on my head and youll get bullets flying at you like dancing bees!

His mind was in a mess!

He was having a mental breakdown.

Not because of anything else but because of how Youyou was sitting in the car, all calm and composed.

Even though what he saw before him was a tender face decorated with an innocent smile, his every gesture was laced with extraordinary boldness!

Could all these people be his subordinates!

This team of over ten mercenaries was at this seven-year-olds beck and call!

Mu Linfeng felt as if his world views had been overthrown.

He swept his cold eyes across Vermilion Bird, sizing her up, before he let them fall back on the boys face slowly!

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He was exactly as how Mu Yazhe had been when he was young, yet he was even more ruthless than his father and a lot more mature for his age!

He was so bold at such a young age, leaving the elder in great alarm and fear!

He was even more certain now that this kid was extremely dangerous and must be eradicated!

Initially, he thought that this soldier unit was under Mu Yazhes bidding.

When he first laid his eyes on this child in the car, he thought that the latter was just smart-mouthed—that was all!

However, after reacting half a clap slower, his heart was instantly obstructed!

By the time he regained his senses, he realized with a start that this child was no simple character!

No matter how much he thought about it, he could not figure out how a kid was able to amass such power.

How did he do it

“Drop the gun!”

The female mercenary commander warned him coldly.

As the boys personal bodyguard, she would never permit anyone from challenging his safety before her!

Her gaze was as sharp as swords when she warned the man sternly.

Despite being a battle-hardened veteran, he was still taken aback by her cutting gaze.

As for the gun held tightly in his hand, he still did not let it go despite trembling a little unconsciously!

Without another word, Vermilion Bird went forward and knocked the gun out of his hand with a high kick.

The gun flew away instantly.

Meanwhile, the moment the soldier at the side saw her move, he moved to raise his gun and shoot at her.

Alas, with a sweep of her cold gaze, the female mercenary swiftly raised her gun.

Before he could shoot, her shot went through his brows, killing him on the spot!

The atmosphere was now extremely tense, and the sound of the loading of a gun could be heard.

The female mercenary spun around and, in the next second, appeared behind Mu Linfeng like a ghost.

Holding the gun to his nape, she demanded in fury, “Who else dares to move!”

The entire place had gone deathly still at once.

It was as if the air had solidified so that everyone had begun holding in their breath!

The middle-aged mans face darkened.

Now, even he was afraid to act blindly.


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