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The warm rays of the sun poured brightly into the house that afternoon.

Youyou was awakened by his assistants call.

He opened his sleepy eyes to pick up the phone, and thereafter, Li Hanlin started detailing the financial reports this new quarter.

Little Yichen was still asleep, so the little boy gently got down from the bed and went to the living room.

He poured himself a glass of milk to drink first.

After surveying his surroundings, he noted that his mother was nowhere to be seen.

He walked to the table and saw the note that she had left; he glanced across the message, which said that she was out shopping at the mall.

As he sat at the desk, gazing out the window, he listened to the reports being delivered over the phone.

His assistant concluded the official updates with a pause and then, in a deep tone, continued.

“Theres one more thing I need to update you, boss!”

He sounded so serious and cautious that the boy could not help tensing up as well.


“Previously, you had me verify the kinship between Master Gong and your mother, which I have the result now!” His assistant proceeded to update accordingly.

“The conclusion is that there is kinship between the two! That is to say, he may be your uncle!”

Just as he said that—


The boy was apparently shocked by this piece of news as he spurted milk all over the table.

“What did you just say!”

Looking stunned and doubtful, he asked, “Agent Li, are you sure the report is accurate”

“Theres definitely no error.

This report was doubly checked and had the same conclusion.”

His agent sounded solemn, which meant that this result had been checked thoroughly!

The boys face sank instantly.

If thats the case, then mommy is Gong Jies biological sister whos been missing for fifteen years!

Going by familial seniority, that man is my immediate uncle, isnt he

Doesnt that mean that I have to address him as uncle

On the account of kinship, his uncles father, the chief executive of Hurricane Group and the one controlling half of the worlds military power, Gong Shaoying, was actually his grandfather!

Meaning to say, mommy is that old mans daughter and Hurricane Groups missy!

This was a rude shock to the little boy, indeed!

How is it possible to encounter such b*llsh*t coincidence in the world!

He bit his clam-like teeth on his pinkish lower lip, mixed emotions written all over his face.

This goes to say that Gong Jie and mommy are biological siblings.

He had heard from the young man that he was looking for his close kin, who had gone missing for many years.

With that DNA testing result, the person he had been seeking was highly likely his mother.

This was the part which he did not know what to do.

Should he let the two meet

He was a tad reluctant for his mother to get in touch with the Gong family.

There was no need to reiterate the prominence of Hurricane Group.

That organization was controlled single-handedly by the Gong family; this showed just how much power and prestige that family wielded.

Their influence and far-reaching power were not one that the Mu family could match.

Even the weakest member of that super family could wield considerable power in the world!

If there was a need to make a comparison, then it could be said that…

The Mu family influenced the countrys economic growth, which was intricately linked to the global financial lifeline, so if they were to withdraw from the nations financial hub, the local economy would regress by more than a decade.

The whole Asia, or even the world, would have to weather a financial crisis!


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