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Everyone quieted down instantly.

Pondering eyes, looking vicious, suspicious, or curious, started to peel on her.

That person pressed on further.

“Its fine if you really like him, but from what I can see, youre just making use of his popularity.

You are new to the scene and likely want to use his superstar status for publicity, right”

She was taken aback and at a loss for words.

These people were out to besmirch her with their insinuations.

She did not know how to respond to that; in fact, doing so might make the matter worse.

Besides, it was true that her team was just forming a CP between them, but this idea was not solely from her side; Gu Xingzes agency was in it, too.

After all, there were many newcomers in showbiz, with good looks and low exposure, who had managed to gain fame from CP hype.

Before this, the man himself had never tried a fandom CP.

WithThe Green Apple on its way to the theaters, where the two artists were paired as the nations classic first love,Dongxia Couple, both studios came to an agreement.

Many times, the artists had no say in their career.

She could not deny or defend herself despite the negative public opinion.

On the contrary, this was an instrument of fame for her.

Biting her lower lip, she decided to shun the question.

In her silence, a female passerby, who appeared to be a student, thought aloud curiously, “Is she really Yun Shishi Why is it that I cant seem to recognize her”

The student then rushed up to her and, with a tug, removed her baseball cap and shades!Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

Everyone wowed at the sight of her delicate, sharp looks!

Yun Shishi was astounded and unconsciously blocked herself with her arms.

“Wow! Its really her!”

“She looks better in person than on TV!”

“I dont think so! I find her inferior in reality! How do I explain it Shes so pure and lovely in the trailer ofThe Green Apple, but seeing her in person now, she looks more like a siren to me! Shes like a vixen incarnate.”

“Shes a vixen, alright; if not, why is Xingze so taken with her The rumors have been going on for some time now, yet he has not come forward to clarify those.

Are they really together”

“How is that possible What does he see in her Shes not famous, and who knows what kind of background she has!”


The crowd circled her and started to talk among themselves while pointing at her.

Her hands hung helplessly on her sides; she looked sad with her head bowed.

“Master, there seems to be a commotion over there.”

Gong Jies assistants whispered to him as his entourage entered a corner of the mall.

Because Lezhis flagship store was in this shopping center, he came here for a field study and to check out how the store with low sales before was faring in Yun Tianyous hands now!

However, as he passed by the childrens clothing section, he was distracted by the crowd gathered in the near distance.

He was usually not bothered by such a scene.

Today, though, he sneaked a peek and happened to catch sight of a lady in the middle of the crowd.


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