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Her movie was not shown in the theaters yet, and the print ads she had done were not released widely in the market as well.

This was the same for the MV she had shot, so, at most, it could only be an Internet hype only.

How was it, therefore, possible for her to have real fans; these people were likely people thoughtlessly going after her looks!

She knew full well that her star status was not at the stage where her fans could be found everywhere on the streets!

Plus, even if this were an ardent fan, a star would not oblige to such a request generally!

There had to be foolproof security measures in place, and security guards needed to be present as well, before she could properly concede to a fans request.

Even so, there should be no close contact.

This was what Qin Zhou had told her time and again.

Right now, her team was preparing to increase her publicity by hyping her relationship with Gu Xingze.

After all, the entertainment field was an ever-changing industry; an artist would be forgotten soon if there was no fresh news about them.

As recently debuted actress, her schedule was not tight.

Other than some entertainment programs, she had no work lineup yet.

Therefore, the team wanted to take advantage of her free sched to ramp up her popularity.

To do that, they decided to associate her with the superstar.

The superstar was uber popular, and with her being an Internet sensation at the moment, there would be no lack of discussions if both were paired!

To the agency, artists were commodities!

For their goods to sell well on the market, the company would try all ways and means to advertise, package, and promote them!

The chief director, Ji Lin was behind this idea of actively promoting her.

He had high hopes for her, and this was why Huanyu had gone all out in packaging and promoting her.

However, there was a severe disadvantage in pairing her up with the superstar, and that was she would be targeted by his disgruntled fans.

Long before this, she had received knife blades as warning from his hardcore fans.

This did not happen once, too.

Oftentimes, her assistant would receive hate emails directed at the artist.

There was more to her bad situation than that, though.

Some netizens had sent over private messages accusing her of being materialistic and riding on the superstars coat tails.

His fans could not tolerate her for using him to promote herself.

There were even slanders circulating online saying that she had more than one influential supporter behind her!

Being a superstar who had always steered clear of all types of gossip and scandal, the netizens believed that she had forced the man into cooperating with her.

In their eyes, he was doing this unwillingly!

With his aloof and proud personality, why would he put himself down to associate with a rookie

This meant that she had used terrible and influential means to put pressure on him!

There was a period when these malicious tales were rampant online.

Hence, her agent warned her repeatedly not to venture out by herself.

If she were to meet his diehard fangirls, she might be harmed.

There was a piece of news that had caused panic across the entertainment industry recently.


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