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At the other end of the line, Lu Jinyu could tell that this was a serious matter from the mans solemn tone!

Hence, he answered astutely, “Boss, tell me!”

Mu Yazhe knocked his knuckle against the tabletop and said brashly, “Theres something I want that I cant be seen doing outwardly.

I need you to make the arrangements in secret!”

“Whats that”

Narrowing his eyes, he spouted, “I want a mans life!”

In the afternoon, Yun Shishi managed to coax her two sons to sleep while she studied her script.

This was when she received a call from her father.

A while back, her father returned to his hometown to attend a funeral when he was told that his aged mother had passed away.

After that, he called to inform his daughter that he would be staying for a bit in his hometown to take care of his family and told her to take care of herself and her family in the meantime!

She also reminded him to take care of his health.

During this period, the father-daughter pair had kept in touch, though there was something he wanted to discuss with her specifically this time!

“Shishi, I have something I need to discuss with you!”

“What is it, dad”

“Do you still remember Uncle Yehou whom youve met when you were young”

That uncle was Yun Yechengs younger brother.

His hometown was in a small county, dozens of kilometers away from the capital.

In this country was a village that was relatively backward called The Yun Village.

It was a picturesque place with idyllic scenery, but due to its geographical location, it was not well-developed.

Her father had an ailing elderly mother who was still living in that village together with his elder sister and younger brother.

Of his siblings, he was closer to his brother.

When he was young, his father died from a mining accident; thus, his mother brought up her three children alone.

When the man got a bit older, he asked his younger brother to take care of their mother while he went to the city to make a living.

With his business acumen and spirited endeavors, he managed to make a decent living.

At that time, he had intended to bring his family to the capital.

Alas, his mother was too used to a villagers life and refused his offer.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

For him to have a peace of mind to develop his career in the city, his younger brother decided to stay behind to take care of their mother, too!

In contrast, their older sister, Yun Lingru, could not wait to get out of the village.

Yun Yecheng, thus, arranged a job for her in the capital where she finally settled in and had a family with a pair of kids.

Yun Shishis adoptive father wanted to talk to her about his brother this time.

It seemed that their mother had been very sick a few years back, and his brother had looked after her tirelessly on his behalf without grumbles.

He used to remit money back home every month, but after his business folded, he was inevitably stretched, so he could only send very little money subsequently.

Yun Yehous wife had grumbled because of that.

However, his down-to-earth brother was not bothered and continued to take good care of their mother.

An unfortunate event hit him after that.

The fellow was working in a construction site about a year ago when he fell from the third story due to poor safety measures.

He was paralyzed from the waist down as a result.

From then on, he could only stay in bed and needed to be taken care of.

He did not want to burden his older brother, though, so he kept mum about this event.


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