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Enraged and stunned, Mu Linfeng was greatly taken aback by what he had said.

For one, his nephew was outrightly audacious with him, and for another, his words carried an ominous warning!

He knew that the young chap did not intend to give him face anymore, so although he was incensed, he was worried at the same time.

He had spent much effort cultivating and grooming this young chap; now he was wondering how loyal was!

His nephew used to be respectful toward his elders!

No matter how ruthless, cold, and tyrannical he was, he had been respectful toward the family elders.

However, the old man could detect rebellion in his tone during the conversation.

Now, he was thinking if he should teach this chap a lesson!

With this thought in mind, he warned in return, “He he! You dont bite off more than you can chew! Hmph.

Rascal, are you out to challenge me! Alright.

Since you put it so bluntly, theres nothing more for me to say! Ill do my part to protect my man even as you plot your revenge! If I fail, then itll just go to show your capability, but let me warn you first as your second uncle: Terrible consequences will follow what you plan to do! Dont you think you should consider your current predicament You just took over the empire, and the family hasnt fully succumbed to your authority yet.

Arent you afraid your rash act may bring serious repercussions Beware of losing your power when the family starts circulating unfavorable tales about you!”

“Second uncle, you should know me by now! What Im going to do, no one can stop me.

Im thorough in the things I do; if not, Id rather not do it! I think you shouldnt waste your efforts! It wont be nice if I embarrass you in any way.”

Since his uncle issued him a warning, then he would return the favor.

The older man said through gritted teeth, “Youll regret this!”

He merely retorted coldly, “I never regret what I do; your concerns are uncalled for, second uncle!”

With that, he dropped the line.

On the other end, Mu Linfeng was so antagonized that he smashed the receiver down and banged his hand against the tabletop.

Standing up angrily with his hands clasped behind him, he paced back and forth in overt frustration!

That fellow is getting from bad to worse!

How dared he say such things to me!

The old man was vexed.

On the other hand, the young man became brooding after he hung up the call.

It appeared that his second uncle was adamant on protecting his brother.

This was something about his uncle that he could not pick fault with.

He knew that the elder was compassionate toward his family members.

Even though the brothers had some disputes between them in the past, the older one had chosen to forgive Mu Lianjue and let the matter pass.

On the account of kinship, his second uncle naturally did not want to see bloodshed within the family.

If this were other matters, he would have given him face but not on this one!

Putting this issue aside, his fourth uncle had first caused the deaths of his parents over a decade ago, which he had chosen to bury the grudge, but he could not tolerate the fact that the middle-aged man was so vicious to send highly skilled assassins after Youyou this time!

Well, who gave him such audacity to touch his woman and son!

The young man made a call to a mysterious man shortly after.

“Jinyu, I need you to arrange something for me!”


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