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Chapter 122: Outbreak of war


If she could stay near him, the road to her acting career will be very smooth whether it rains or shine!

However, Yun Na was too naive to think that He Lingxiang had brought her to a place where there are producers.

After all, his hands are wide.

But, she doesn’t know that the place she had entered is actually a wolf’s den.

And about what exactly happened tonight, she refused to recall them back.

The only things she remembered were before He Lingxiang sent her home.

He gave an invitation and whispered in her ear: “I heard that Gu Xingze invited your sister to attend tomorrow night’s cocktail party.

So, why don’t you attend too”

After he whispered those words, his face showed an interesting smile. “Tomorrow, you and your sister can meet me.

But rest assured, because I will give you more credit!”

Just by imagining his worldly fantasy scenes, He Lingxiang felt some impatience inside his mind.

If he tasted these two sisters at the same time, it will be very satisfactory!

Yun Na felt disgusted and grievance, but she needs to endure so she pretended to be smiling.

But, she will never work with Yun Shishi!

If she works with her and He Lingxiang hold on to Yun Shishi more.

What will she do by then Before, she had already act like a slave while smiling to Brother Qiang.

But still, she got humiliated because he loses his face and underlings.

Yun Na acted spoiled and said: “I don’t want too! Director He, am I not good enough for you”

“Sweetheart, you are hotter than her.

So of course, I will spoil you more.

You don’t have to worry about anything coz I won’t let you wither!”

When He Lingxiang made a promise, Yun Na got a peace of mind a little.


Naturally, Yun Liqin doesn’t know what had happened to her.

Seeing her in distraught look, she blurted out and asked: “Daughter, is it because of the audition”

When Yun Yecheng heard her, he got shocked and looked up. “What did you say She went to the audition again”

Yun Liqin bitterly bites her lips when she realized her tongue slips.

Yun Yecheng got angry and his heart turn like an iron steel scrap: “Why do you want to be an actress so bad Is our family can no longer give you warm clothes and foods That’s why you just wanted to spoil yourself!”

When Yun Na heard the word “spoil”, her tears immediately gushed out and emotionally said: “Dad! Sister also went to the audition! But, why are you not getting angry with her”

“What” Yun Liqin got surprised and exclaimed, “She also went to the audition”

“How could that be” Yun Yecheng ask and said: “Your sister know how dirty the entertainment industry is so she will never step in that place!”

“Dad! If you don’t believe me, why don’t you ask her ah! She did not only participate but also passed! I even saw her sitting on a Rolls-Royce car with a man.

I don’t know what exactly she is doing, but who knows if she and that big boss… …”


Yun Na’s face was badly hit by Yun Yecheng.

She got surprised and clutch her cheek then turn around to look at him.

Yun Na’s heart instantly got broken: “Dad… you hit me”

Yun Yechenglook very disappointed. “Nana, how can you say those words ah Shishi is your sister! Did you already forget what you had done to your sister last time that’s why you’re talking behind her back now What big boss What man Shishi is not that kind of girl!”

“Am I the only one who went there She also went to the audition, but why you are not blaming her In the end, am I your own daughter” In her anger, Yun Na yells at her father.

Yun Yucheng got dumbfounded and Yun Liqin’s eyes turn cold more and more when she saw her daughter crying while running back to her room.


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