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Before Mu Lianjue could react, he was held down by his nephew with one hand!

He heard the young chap calling him directly by his name without any honorifics! That way of addressing him was only for figures with seniority like Mu Linfeng!

Clearly, Mu Yazhe no longer planned to be merciful!

The moment the younger man saw him, he could not suppress the rage in his heart!

This middle-aged man had taken things too far!

What did he take him for

Did he really believe that he could outplay him so brazenly just because he did not display his authority!

What a joke!

Look at the shady business he had been up to behind his back!

The reason he had not executed him the first time around was due to his second uncle.

He was too busy trying to find Youyou that he did not have the time and heart to deal with him!

Look at what he did, though

He actually dared to deploy assassins after his seven-year-old boy!

Mu Wanrou had lost her mind from the trauma of losing her child!

What about him

It seemed that this old man had also turned crazy!

With his throat being grasped tightly by his nephew, the veins on Mu Lianjues forehead began to show as all of his blood rushed to his head.

Due to the suffocation, his eyeballs were close to popping out of his head!

“Mu… Yazhe… what… are you doing!” He spat out the words intermittently and with much difficulty, glaring furiously at the young chap!

Did he not know that what he was doing was extremely disrespectful!

Not only that, due to his seniority, he should have addressed him asfourth uncle, instead!

He was his elder, and his position in the Mu family was remarkable and well-respected, yet this young man dared to manhandle him by gripping his throat and directly address him asFourth Mu with so much rage.

This was more than just being disrespectful.

It was clear rebellion!

Who gave him that much guts to do so

The younger man glowered at him coldly.

His bloodshot eyes were filled with a murderous aura!

Mu Lianjue could see the terrifying intent to kill in his eyes!

It was truly a murderous spirit and was not simply just anger!

His heart began to tremble in nervousness and fear!

He had never seen such a horrifying look on Mu Yazhes face apart from his usual cool expression.

It was like in the olden times where one would turn into a brutal sovereign king when infuriated.

His sharp and cold eyes were like a vultures!

“W-What are you doing!”

He was terrified.

His hands clasped the young mans wrists tightly, and he began to pry his fingers open harshly.

Their family was linked in countless ways through illustrious backgrounds.

Its members were mostly sent to the military to serve when they were young.

Just like him, his nephew had also been sent to the army; thus, both had been through harsh training!

One should not judge him by his old age.

He still had a lot of strength!

Alas, Mu Yazhe was flourishing from his rage.

It was as if all the strength from every part of his body had been channeled to the hand gripping his fourth uncles throat.

No matter how much the latter struggled against him, using all his strength to loosen the formers, it was all for naught!

The older man was beginning to feel suffocated as his eyelids started jumping wildly and his breathing became ragged.

Unfortunately for him, his nephew merely continued to add more pressure to his grip.

It seemed as if, within the next second, he would break his brittle throat into two!

“Ive lost all my patience with you!” The younger chap let out an evil sneer.

His eyes were like cold knives being carved painfully into the older ones skin!


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