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“Our child” Mu Yazhe jested and rebuffed cruelly.

“Thats not our child.”

She was thoroughly taken aback; the smile on her face froze, looking still and stiff.

“Right… Thats right… Thats not our child…”

She looked down, feeling ashamed suddenly.

Once in a while, she would look up and carefully study his face.

“Thats not our baby… You know it… since youve found out…”

With her face full of guilt, she ruffled her tousled hair helplessly.

“That child belongs to me and Aaron… Thats right.

Thats my and Aarons baby! Eh…

“You blame me, right”

She jerked her head up, looking into his frigid expression as she spoke anxiously.

“You blame me, right Youre not wrong; Ive betrayed you… Eh, I know.

I shouldnt have betrayed you… I hooked up with another man.

Dirty… I also find myself dirty…”

With that, she started to rub her body vigorously.

The man remained cold and unmoved as he stared down at her.

Her voice started shaking and her speech turned erratic.

“Thats why… you are furious.

You are mad at me… You blamed me for betraying you so you took my baby away, right! I know Im wrong now, and I shouldnt have done that! I shouldnt have betrayed you; I shouldnt have poisoned grandpa; I shouldnt have snatched Yun Shishis jade.

Eh… Thats because the piece of jade is so pretty and I like it.

Still, I shouldnt have taken it…”

She grabbed the iron bars again and stared at him with wide eyes.


I shouldnt have tried to get rid of her and your son… Yeah, so youre furious! Can you not be angry anymore Forgive me and return my child to me.

I know Im wrong…”

The man kept quiet.

She became agitated and reached out her hand desperately in his direction.

“Ah Zhe, is the baby with you Have you hidden my child Return my baby; can you return my baby, please!”

She continued muttering about her baby.

The man asked without turning his head, “Wheres the baby”

The nurse replied, “She just had a miscarriage; the baby is gone.”

“The baby is gone!”

Her words had indubitably provoked Mu Wanrou!

The moment she heard the nurses reply, she reacted like an ignited explosive; her hands grabbed and pulled the iron bars madly!

“You lied! Youre a liar; my baby is still alive! Hes still alive! Return my kid to me; return him to me! Ahhh!”

The shrill scream echoed and tore through the long corridor!

She screamed with all her might, howling and yelling crazily.

Her face color had turned maroon from extreme agitation and anger.

“Return my baby to me; return him to me!

“Mu Yazhe, you harmed my child; its you! Return my child to me; if not, I wont let you off—ever!”

Min Yu was furious and rebuked her, “Youre a mad dog! Dont go around biting others.”

The nurse on duty hurried over and ordered everyone to step back so she could open the door.

Mu Wanrou was about to dash out when the nurse held up a bolster and coaxed her gently.

“Your child is here!”


“Your child is here; look, hes here!” The nurse continued to cajole, attempting to soothe her agitation.


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