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The black Bentley drove slowly into the Mu Groups private hospital.

The director was leading a row of people, waiting respectfully for them at the entrance.

As the car door opened, and Mu Yazhe got down from the vehicle, the director led the team to welcome him enthusiastically.

It was as if they were stars crowding around the moon, escorting him to their destination.

“Chairman Mu, weve been waiting for you!”

The director gave him a flattering smile.

When Min Yu called, the director was still indulging in an attractive lady! The moment he heard that a huge figure from the Mu family was visiting and that he needed to wait on him, he quickly dressed up and went down to the scene.

In a high-yielding industry like medical treatment, the Mu Group was in control of many health centers and private hospitals in the country!

Among the private hospitals in the capital, Ming De Hospital had the best reputation!

The reason the director, Li Changde, could clinch his position today was the Mu familys recommendation.

Therefore, he treated and served them like royalty!

Mu Yazhe cast him a sidelong glance before asking nonchalantly, “Where is she”

He did not bother with greetings and went straight to the point.

The director took a few seconds to respond, his complexion frozen.

“She May I know who the chairman is referring”

“Li Changde, I heard that my fourth uncle had arranged for a woman to stay in this hospital a few days ago.

Im here to see her!”

The director was stumped.

He had not been in the hospital these past few days.

Naturally, he did not know about this situation.

The section head behind him immediately came forward and whispered into his ear, summarizing to him the situation that had occurred in the hospital a few days ago!

The director immediately said, “Chairman Mu, are you referring to the patient that fourth master had us admit to this hospital a few days ago”

“Yes.” The man was getting rather impatient and spoke in a low voice.

The directors heart skipped a beat and uttered with trepidation, “She… Shes been subdued! Chairman Mu, Ill deploy someone to bring you to her now!”

With that, the crowd followed right behind him like stars following the moon as he walked toward the hospital lobby.

In the psychiatric department lobby.

Mu Yazhe walked along the long hallway on the third floor.

They ceased their footsteps when they reached the entrance to the fifth ward.

“Open the door.”

As it was a psychiatric ward, it was different from other normal hospital wards.

The outside was a wooden door, but as it was opened, they were faced with an iron gate, instead.

The man stood at the entrance.

Through the iron gate, between the metal grills, he could see everything inside the ward clearly.

The setup in this ward was relatively simple.

The walls were clean, and there was a window sealed shut using iron bars, with only an air vent left open.

In the spacious ward, there was nothing else except for one bed.

Mu Wanrou was leaning against the hospital bed, her big, round eyes stared lifelessly outside the window.

Her once beautiful, long hair was now messy like a bunch of withered grass.

It was not clear what stain had gotten on her hair, but it was extremely dirty.

She curled into a corner between the bed and the wall.

Her entire body seemed sickly and her face was as pale as a white sheet of paper.

She did not look angry, but her gaze was empty.

Leaning against the bed, she wound her dirty hair with her fingers as she continuously blabbered to herself.

He could not hear what she was rambling about, but it seemed as if her soul had already been ripped out of her by a mysterious force, and now, she was nothing more than an empty shell.


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