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His pinkish, little lips rounded into a pout as he blew lightly into the blowpipe.

Transparent bubbles puffed out of the pipe, gathered, and floated in the air.

Gliding lightly along the breeze, they reflected psychedelic hues under the sunny sky.

This simple blowpipe was made by Youyou with basic tools when he was much younger.

His older twin was up when he woke up.

The former felt lost as he watched his brother clean the place and wash the laundry; he could not help much since he had yet to recover from his injuries and knowing naught about house chores.

In the end, the younger one had to dig through his closet to bring out this toy he had made in the past.

Dipping the blowpipe in a jar of soap water, he let his brother had his fun.

Blowing bubbles was an activity that many children played when they were young.

Youyou hardly ventured out of the house when he was small; hence, he enjoyed perching on the window sill and blowing bubbles with his home-made blowpipe.

He even enhanced the little device so that the bubbles he blew would be always big and round!

This little game was new and strange to his older brother, though!

Finding it particularly interesting, he could not get enough of this game as he sat on the flower bed and blew bubbles!

He never had a chance to play this game in the past.

It was simple yet entertaining.

An unexplained sense of achievement would well up inside him whenever he saw his big bubbles floating with the wind!

“Brother, look! I blow a big bubble!” he called out in excitement.

Yun Shishi muffled a laugh, which startled the boy.

He jerked his head in her direction, and upon seeing her, ran up to his mother happily.

“Mommy, youre awake!”Read more chapter on our vipnovel.com

She stooped down and caressed his head.

“Eh! Good morning, Little Yichen!”

He snorted and sneaked a disdainful look at her.


Is this still morning The sun is already up high above; mommy is such a lazy pig!”

She looked rather embarrassed.


“Mu Yichen, are you looking for trouble How dare you call mommy a lazy pig That makes you a little piglet! A lazy and stupid piglet!” His brother was annoyed and reprimanded him with arms akimbo.

How dared he call mommy a lazy pig

This boy is looking for a thrashing!

The older twin pouted and broke into a smile.

Encircling his hands around his mothers arm, he passed the jar full of soap water into her hand.

“Mommy, can play with me, yeah Lets blow bubbles together.”

The younger boy turned exasperated.

“Mommy, ignore him!”

“Hmph! What to do You dont want to play with me in the first place!” His brother poked his little finger at him sheepishly.

He rolled his eyes in vexation.

“I need to hang the laundry so Im not free to entertain you!”

“Well, if thats the case, mommy, come; lets play.

We wont bring him with us!” The older lad smiled impishly.

His mother nodded in agreement, took his hand in hers, and ran toward the flower bed to continue the fun.

Youyou could only observe them having fun from afar; occasionally, he could hear their hearty laughter, but what about him He was still hard at work, with one hand holding the laundry basket and the other carrying the clean clothes for drying.

The thought of this made him rather upset.


A gentle smile broke across his face at the next second, though.

The sunny weather and the beautiful laughter uplifted his mood.

To him, this was what simple happiness was about!

Resigned, he sighed and grumbled under his breathstupid brother before he busied himself with the house chores!


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