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It looked as if she had spent some thoughts just to defend against him!

He smiled and found it to be interesting.

He finished his shower at last, and by the time he returned, the woman was fast asleep, resting quietly in bed with her arms cradling her head lazily.

He lay down gently in bed.

Propping his head on his arm, he took one glance at her and then scooped her fully into his embrace.

Looking down at her alluring sleeping posture in his arms, he smiled contentedly.

It felt real when he held her in his arms that she truly belonged to him!

He reached out to stroke her smooth cheek; his slender finger reached for a bunch of her silky hair to twirl around his fingertip.

It was an action he could never get tired of doing!

Bowing his head, he planted a peck on her face lightly.

“You are mine,” he muttered deeply into her ear.

Her sleep was disturbed, and she lazily reached out, which he astutely captured in his hand.

He felt a deep sense of contentment as he watched her sleeping countenance.

This is probably what it means to have someone with me.

It meant that he could hold her to sleep and be the first person to catch her drowsy look when she woke up.

Such a lifestyle was not something he had imagined in the past.

It felt unreal yet there was no denying that it was playing out in his life right now!

This gave him a powerful sense of belonging!

She belongs to me, and I belong to her!

He lay down beside her.

As she continued to cradle her head in her arms, he reached his arms across her waist, and the two of them hugged together into dreamland!

When Yun Shishi woke up the next day, it was already noon.

The space beside her in the bed had been empty for a while.

He had left quietly without a word or sound.

She felt lost at first and then as the haziness gradually subsided from her sleep, she realized that he had gone to work.

Getting up from the bed, she walked to the windows and pulled the curtains apart.

It was bright and cheerful outside, with a clear blue sky.

The capital had not seen such good weather for some time.

Fresh out of bed, her mood was elevated by the beautiful weather, too!

After washing up in the bathroom, she stepped outside the room to see a boy coming out with a load of clean laundry.

The boy smiled when he saw her, with his eyes full of gentleness.

“Mommy, youre awake so early.”


“Daddy left early today.

Hes probably going to the office!”

She nodded in acknowledgement and then started to stare at him.



She looked with a start at the laundry load in his hands.

“Are you doing the laundry”

The boy clarified, “Eh… I woke up early today and since I was free, I decided to wash the clothes! Now, Im going to hang these up to dry!”

She smiled and said, “Let mommy help you, all right”

“Its not necessary, mommy.

Your hand is injured, right You are seriously wounded and should take a rest!”

His heart ached again when he saw the wounds on her body covered with dressings.

His words warmed her heart.

This baby was always understanding and considerate.

She followed him into the small garden and saw Little Yichen sitting on the flower bed with his feet dangling.

With one hand holding a jar, he was puffing his cheeks and blowing bubbles through a blowpipe soaked in soap bubbles.


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