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She sneaked a peek at him from the gaps between her fingers, only to cover her face again in increasing shyness.

She felt a little… embarrassed!

Amused by his woman, he then carried her to their bedroom and carefully put her down on the bed.

He moved with caution in consideration of her still healing wounds, treating her like a precious piece of fragile item, lest he hurt her.

In the next second, though, he started removing her clothes.

She immediately reached out to stop him, only to hear him growl a warning, “Dont move!”

She no longer dared to move!

Only after he had stripped her of her outer clothes, leaving behind her cute yet sexy lingerie, did his broad and sturdy body deliberately press down lightly on her.

Still, the woman pushed against him in embarrassment.

“Umph—Mu Yazhe, youre very heavy…”

With a height of 1.88 meters and weight of over a hundred forty or so pounds, his body was very heavy to her!

A devilish, charming smile appeared on his face as he reached out to hug her and flip her over.

Their positions changed with her straddling his body in a provocative position, instead.

From her delicate smile and her smooth, beautiful body to her bra strap slipping off her shoulder when her body tilted slightly, this beautiful view of her near-nakedness was registered in his eyes.

With a stretch of his arms, he could easily hold those supple breasts in his hands.

Feeling all sensitive, she raised her hand to clutch his hand.

He instantly grabbed her hand and slid it down his body to a certain area.

The moment her fingertips came into contact with his scalding skin, she pulled her hand back in fright.

“Didnt someone want to cop a feel earlier”

He caught hold of her hand again and smirked at her with a meaningful gaze.

“I wasnt at my peak earlier; why dont you have a feel of it again now”

These words left her heart pounding!

Feeling shy, her face instantly flushed red at his teasing as she sipped her lips.

He actually took her teasing remark for real

She was merely joking!

Even if she were a very gutsy person, she still might not dare to lit a fire on him!

“Hey, dont you go overboard!” she mumbled softy in warning.

The man dismissed her warning, though.

Like an ancient-time tyrant, he leisurely regarded her and asked nonchalantly, “Who was the one being too much”

“Its you!”

Smacking his hand away, Yun Shishi smilingly pleaded, “Let me off, please…”

Her face was filled with embarrassment!

He lifted her chin and forced her to meet him in the eyes as he snorted unhappily.

“Its clear that you started the fire.

I was planning not to touch you this time, but since you dared to start a fire, shouldnt you be responsible in putting it out”

She pouted her lips dismissively with an arched brow.


Ill put you out, instead.”

“Put me out”

This woman was rather bold!

She actually wanted to put him out

His lips curled.

He suddenly grabbed hold of her perky butt and kneaded it gently for a while, his brows gradually relaxing at this perfect feeling.

He wanted to see just who exactly was putting out whom!


Why dont you give it a try”

The man arched a brow in provocation.


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