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Chapter 120: Unscrupulous


Damn … … if she laid her hands to Ai Lun she really started to get low!

This is all that bitch Yun Shishi’s fault! That slut cheap woman! Why Why do these things are happening to me

This wealth are already within her grasp, so why would she just watch Yun Shishi take this wealth away from her

Ai Lun just looked at her delicate and charming face, his heart seemed to be crumbling and in pain.

As a man, no one can refuse a weak and helpless looking woman.

“Ai Lun, help me … …” Mu Wanrou begs him, then lean on his vulnerable chest.

Her warm tears are falling on his shirt while saying: “I can’t let that child enter the Mu Family! Ai Lun I know you like me.

Just help me for the last time ah, help me, okay”

Mu Wanrou’s tears are full of pain.

Ai Lun’s heart beats so fast and looked at her in disbelief.

She knows

He and Mu Wanrou are classmates during in college for four years.

Her gentle, beautiful, proud and confident look made him yearn for her.

He really loves this woman from the bottom of his heart, but he never shows it.

Because from the very beginning, he knows that she was an unattainable dream for the rest of his life.

He is so reluctant, so he didn’t even confessed his feelings for her and just silently look at her from the distance.

After graduating from college, he entered the Emperor Sheng Foundation and became Mu Yazhe’s personal assistant.

After that, he learned that the man in her heart and mind is almost like a perfect man.

“Wanrou, I …”

“This is the last time ah, the last time.

If you promise to help me, no matter what you ask me to do, I will do it for you.”Mu Wanrou repeatedly begs.

Ai Lun’s eyebrows frown deeply, obviously, he was struggling.

Mu Wanrou gritted her teeth, she put her hands around his shoulders and tiptoe to kiss his lips.

Ai Lun got shocked and got stiff like a stone.

Mu Wanrou softly whisper near his lips: “This… … is this enough”

“Wanrou… “

“Don’t speak, just hold me.” Mu Wanrou kissed his lips once again and pressed her gorgeous body on him.

Their body is like a hair that got entangle together.

Mu Wanrou’s figure is very charming because she paid great attention to her body to maintain it beautiful and sexy.

Any normal men will go crazy on her immediately.

Ai Lun couldn’t hold his feelings anymore and fall to her deadly gentle trap.

Even though he knows that this will cause his destruction, he just closed his eyes and follow his honest feelings inside his heart.

He hugs her body tightly and slides his hand along her charming back all the way to that area.

Inside the assistant office, they secretly perform their lustful scene.

However, the two of them didn’t realize that there was a mini pinhole camera hidden in the corner of the ceiling… …


Back to the parking lot, Gu Xingze said to Lin Fengtian that he will send Yun Shishi back to her home because he needed to give her something.

Gu Xingze and Yun Shishi arrived in front of the apartment building.

The cocktail party will be held tomorrow evening.

Yun Shishi doesn’t have a decent dress, so Gu Xingze gave her a dress but she was so embarrassed to accept it.

Gu Xing Ze felt that she was reluctant to accept, so he smiled and said.

“Silly girl, tomorrow evening is the Universal Entertainment Cocktail Party.

There will be many popular director and producer that will attend.

Don’t you want to be successful Do want to wear your school uniform and attend as my partner”

His words made Yun Shishi dumbfounded.

“If you successfully sign up a contract, remember to ask me out to eat it!” Gu Xingze mentions a condition to make her feel at ease.

And Yun Shishi immediately agreed to it.

Um … but, a six yuan hot and spicy soup is only I can afford to buy!

Before parting, Gu Xingze suddenly imprinted a gentle kiss in her forehead and said: “Shishi, good luck.”


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