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“Oh, no.

Hes not fussy over what he eats.

He is a person who doesnt talk or smile much!” She paused before continuing wryly.

“Look at the wonderful spread youve prepared for us, Sister Li; youve cooked a lot! Itll be a pity if we cant finish this food!”

She glared at Mu Yazhe after talking.

The man smiled and said, “Sister Li, dont fuss over us anymore; let the children eat their food now! I was distracted just then, so dont take it to heart.”

With that, he picked up his chopsticks and passed a drumstick to each of their hosts two kids, followed by placing a few slices of chicken meat into his familys bowls.

Li Ru was startled by his term of endearment.

She turned anxious when she saw that both drumsticks were given to her children.

Kneading the hemline tightly in her hands, she asked, “Sir, shouldnt your son have a drumstick, too!”

Lingling looked longingly at the drumstick inside her bowl and was about to tuck in when her mother signaled her with a stare.

She stopped and pouted in fear and embarrassment.

She knew in her heart that her mother wanted to keep the drumstick for Youyou.

The boys mother tried to calm her down.

“Sister Li, you are kinda scaring the kid.

Since the child likes the drumstick, then just let her eat it.

Our Youyou doesnt like drumstick in the first place.”

The kid also quickly added.

“Auntie, I dont like drumstick, really.

Let Lingling have it.”

“Thats right.

You dont have to be so polite with us! Take us as part of your family.

We feel uneasy when you are too polite,” his mother expressed resignedly.

The woman finally nodded in acquiescence and gave a few humble laughs.

The man would speak to the two kids intermittently.

Although his tone was still stern and deep, his eyes were kinder than before.

The little girl would blush each time she spoke with him.

This uncle is really good-looking!

His eyes, with his long eyelashes, were deep-set and charming.

When he spoke, the corner of his eyes crinkled with a mischievous charm, making her little heart pound with excitement.

Her mother was even more astounded by him.

She had heard from the villagers that this man came with an entourage.

She then recalled the assistants assurance that they would be cared for their entire lives!

If thats the case, this man must be a company big boss from a well-to-do family!

It was natural to be restrained when one shared a meal with a big boss.

The man took a sip of the chicken broth that the woman had brewed especially for his son.

It tasted good and he spooned another mouthful for his boy to drink.

Before that, he gently blew to ensure that the soup was not too hot before feeding the little kid.

Youyou drank eagerly.

Cocking a brow, he asked his son, “Does it taste good”

“Eh! Its good.

Aunties cooking is excellent!” praised the boy unabashedly.

This made the woman blush and return the courtesy humbly.

The father spooned another mouthful for the boy to drink.

As his woman witnessed this scene, she turned pensive.

This was probably the most charming side of him when he looked at their son with unconcealable love and affection.

In her eyes, he was a ruler who commanded great powers and, all along, gave the impression of an aloof tyrant.


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