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Many were looking forward to a daughter but gave birth to a son, instead.

For some things, the more one wanted it, the more one would not get it.

Childbirth was up to fate and not their wishes!

The mans eyes drooped as he looked at her flushed face.

He could not resist giving her a teasing smile and a peck on her rosy face.

“What You dont want one”

She said, “Stop fooling around!”

Mu Yichen immediately shyly covered his eyes at the sight of the intimate scene between his parents, though he did not forget to open a slit between his fingers for him to peep through.

Mu Yazhe chuckled inwardly.

Despite this lads cute and silly looks, he was quite crafty at times!

The father-son pair exchanged furtive looks.

“Daddy, what were you whispering to mommy just then”

The adult snorted, his sexy thin lips parting to spit out, “Its a secret!”

The boy angrily puffed out his cheeks and glared at him in return.

The sight of this pair of father and son at odds tickled her pink.

What a pair of treasures!

She found it interesting, too!

When the boy saw his mother snickering, he swiftly gave her an aggrieved look.

“Mommy, daddy bullied me…”

She did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Mommy gives you a hug!”

He opened his arms to prepare to jump into her embrace.

Just then, the man leaned in them to block him and took the chance to hug his woman.

The boys head bumped right into his hard back.

He held his forehead in pain as he looked up, only to see his fathers provocative look.

Yun Shishi: “!”

He grumbled, “Daddy, you let go of mommy! Mommy is mine!”

“Shes mine!”

“Shes mine!”


The lad gave him a sulking glare.

Unwilling to back down, too, the man hugged her tighter in silent declaration of possession!

The woman was completely rendered speechless.

Whats with this situation…

This father and this son were all jealous over her.

She was completely floored.

“Thats enough from the both of you.

Stop fooling around!” As she rebuked them, her hand reached out to pinch her mans face.

“You bully Little Yichen, huh”

He grabbed her hand and bit her fingertip lovingly.

“What Is your heart aching”

As he spoke, he leaned in to her ear and spat out grudgingly, “Biased!”

He seemed to be accusing her of favoring her son!

She was completely amused by the hidden bitterness in his eyes.

Their child suddenly licked his dry lips and whined pitifully, “Mommy, Im thirsty!”

She immediately stood up.

“Ill pour some water for you.”

“Okay!” He nodded cutely with a brilliant smile.

She walked over to the cabinet and picked up the hot water flask, only to realize that it was empty.

“Ill go boil some water.

Baby, behave yourself and lie down.

Dont you get out of bed and move around!”


“If you want to eat some fruit, Ill peel an apple for you to eat when I return in a while.”

“Okay!” The boy smiled.

With two thermal flasks in her hands, she left the ward.

The moment the door closed, the father-son pair exchanged looks.

The boy gradually leaned back against the bed, his action resembling an old person!

He shot his father a glance and told him in earnest, “Daddy, you should work harder!”


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