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The childrens world was very innocent; what they wanted were often very simple.

Mu Yichen secretly rejoiced at the thought of his mother accompanying him in the next few days.

He even felt that it was rather worthwhile to have injuries all over him in exchange for such a treatment!

He found himself rather pitiful when he recalled his lonely days at the bootcamp when he got injured during an actual combat!

Hmph! My daddy is truly lousy at times!

Mommys the best!

His thoughts were written all over his face as he snuggled in her embrace while giving his father a fleeting disdainful look, as if saying,Mommy loves me the most!

He did not forget to stick out his tongue at him in provocation!

Yun Shishi chuckled and could not resist pinching his cheeks.

Despite the short time together with Youyou, this lad has also become an imp!

He would never say such words no matter what in the past!

The boy was all smiles as he hugged his mother in contentment, completely disregarding his father.

Mu Yazhe found himself being neglected.

This lad! he thought to himself.

His eyes, though, shone with a rare display of love and playfulness.

This is probably the most ordinary happiness! he thought further.

Something suddenly struck the boy.

One of his good-looking brows raised slightly as he lifted his little face to whisper in her ear.

“Mommy, when are you giving me a sister”

Her face turned red the instant she heard his question!

She pursed her lips shyly.

This question of his had really caught her off guard.

The man did not seem to have heard what he had said.

He only noticed the change in her expression, which seemed to be embarrassed.

She poked her sons forehead as she broke into laughter.

“What do you have in your little head all day”

“Mommy, are you feeling shy” The boy gazed up at her with clear, distinctive eyes that shone mischievously.

Her face turned even redder at his words.

The man shot him a look and asked, “What were you whispering about”

Before the boy could say anything, his mother immediately said, “Youre not allowed to tell him.”

Mu Yazhes eyes narrowed even more threateningly than before as he swept a glance at the mother-son pair.

Truth be told, the boy had always wanted a sister.

In his fantasy, if he had a cute, little sister, he would definitely spoil her rotten, giving her lots of love and letting her live a happy and blissful life like a pampered little princess!

This might have something to do with his character.

From an early age, he had been indoctrinated with strict dogma.

This gave him an extraordinary sense of responsibility even at a younger age.

He liked taking care of the weak.

The reason he wanted a younger sister was that he saw a brother-sister pair standing at the entrance of an ice cream shop in the past.

The older brother was very tall at his height of 1.8 meters, while the younger sister, who was riding on his shoulders, was so tiny in size.

Being young and insensible, her two little hands unceremoniously misbehaved on her brothers head.

From time to time, she would clench her little fists to hit his shoulders, then launch an attack, and ravage his hair.

She even stretched her hands out to knead his cheeks.

[0] Sister complex refers to an excessive love for ones sister.


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