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All her fears instantly surged.

She broke down in tears at once.

“I really dont know! Auntie really doesnt know whats going on; your uncle told me to run away with you kids.

I didnt think much about it…”

She gave him a rough description of the situation after that.

The moment he heard this, he knew that Mu Lianjues assassins had found him!

“Auntie, why didnt you say so earlier”

He looked at her with mixed emotions.

“Im their target.

Theyre coming after me; theres no need to implicate all of you!”

He felt grateful yet guilty toward Zhao Xiangjun.

From the wordssurrender the child, he knew for sure that those people were here for him!

In fact, if the uncle had handed him over, they would not have been implicated.

He did not wish to implicate or sacrifice the innocent.

Hence, he stood up and strode to the door.

The woman pulled him back at once.

“Where are you going”

“Those people are after me!” he solemnly answered.

“If I go back now, uncle will be safe! If not, Im afraid that hell meet a mishap!”

“No! Its too dangerous for you to go back! Theyre armed with guns! Its too dangerous!” she refused, regardless.

Despite being uncultured, she was an honest and kind person.

There was no way she could stand by and watch a young child risk his life!

“Dont worry; your uncle will be fine! Hell be fine…”

As if caught in a hypnotic trance, she kept repeating her words to comfort herself.

The boy was upset at the sight of her doing so.

He prayed for her husbands safety in his heart!

Lingling and Doudou helplessly snuggled up against each other as they shivered from the cold.

The girl had no idea of the situation at all.

Her eyes were filled with fear.Read latest chapters at vipnovel.com

The boy, on the other hand, was scared out of his wits.

He pitifully snuggled closer to his sister; his clearly defined eyes widened in confusion and fear.

Their mother hugged Youyou tightly in her embrace while she sank into an abyss of restlessness, suffering constantly from it.

Time seemed to pass like a century; the sky had gradually brightened at daybreak.

Suddenly, they heard shouts coming from the mountain.


“Doudous mom!”

The voices startled her, but when she vaguely distinguished one of the callers as her sister-in-law, she immediately opened the door.

“Qinfen” she asked aloud.

The sound of hurried footsteps gradually got louder.

A group of villagers soon poured into the temple.

Her sister-in-law ran over tearfully and wailed at the sight of her.

“Li Ru, youd better hurry back! The kids father… The kids father…”

She tensed up.

“What happened to him”

That woman patted her thighs in tears.

When she saw Youyou behind her, she rushed over and pushed him in the shoulder.

Caught off guard, the boy fell to the ground and could not help hissing in pain with widened eyes when his spine connected to the ground, which, in turn, pulled at his wound.

Startled, Lingling rushed forward to help him up.

The kids mother shouted in shock, “What are you doing! Why did you push the boy”

“Ah ru, are you still asking me that! This child is a scourge! The kids father is in a terrible condition because of him!”


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