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“What should we do now! Must we really let him marry that woman What an embarrassing matter!”

“The Mu family has always been an advocate of well-matched marriage; not only is that woman incompatible, shes indecent, too! Ha ha! Is she even worthy!”

Mu Shumin snorted angrily at her brother.

“Second brother, what do you think of it Are you really going to just stand by and watch him fool around”

“What can I do Weve tried speaking and stopping him; whats the use if he doesnt listen!”

“I do admit that he has contributed a lot to the Mu Group throughout the years since he joined the company, but it doesnt mean that he can do whatever he wants just because of his achievements!”

Mu Linfeng muttered to himself irresolutely.

“His contributions are incalculable and Im very satisfied with him! He deserves to own the title of family head! The only thing Im unhappy with is his stubbornness; hes just like his father!”

“I always thought that hes a cold person who knows what hes doing.

I didnt think that his commitment to a relationship will make him lose his direction and become befuddled! It appears that that woman isnt a simple character with her capability of leaving that lad infatuated with her.

Ha ha!” he sneered.

“Its not good for young people to be overly arrogant.

Hell ultimately suffer losses in the vanity fair!”

“Being proud in nature, hes indeed a little too arrogant.”

His words interrupted the rest of their discussion.

“His capability speaks for himself, though! Who doesnt make a mistake in life Who can confidently say that he or she has never made a mistake before in this life Forget it!”

“Forget it!” Mu Shumin got a little agitated.

“Second brother, what do you mean byforget it Are you really not going to care about this matter!”

“Now isnt the time! Naturally, Yun Shishi has to be rid of! Ill deal with her sooner or later, but not now!”

“What do you mean”

They were all baffled.

He nonchalantly replied, “Since he insists on marrying her, we can only placate him.

After some time, Ill arrange a clean background for her so that others wont see the Mu family as a joke.”

That was all he could do.

Fury surged through Mu Shumin.

She was apparently unable to accept her brothers decision.

“I dont agree to it.”

“Shumin, listen to me!”

The woman could only swallow down her protests silently at his firm and irrefutable tone.

Mu Yancheng chimed in from the side.


Second uncle, youre really biased at times! In what way is second brother better than me If you had supported me back then, I would act according to every of your orders and would not defy you at all! Look at how he talked back at you today; its really infuriating!”

A hint of sullen anger flashed in the middle-aged mans face as he coldly rebuked the younger one.

“Impudent! Youre in no position to criticize me! You still dare to say that! Ive never treated you poorly since you were young, but what did you do You claimed that youre not lacking to him in any way, but in fact, youre poles apart! Yazhe is indeed much more capable than you with his outstanding ability.

If you have half of his capabilities, you wont be what you are today!”

“Hmph! Isnt it because hes the first wifes son while Im not!” muttered his nephew aggrievedly.

Mu Shumin added, “Second brother, thats enough; you should calm down and make a decision now!”


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