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Chapter 117: Fierce confrontation


Universal Entertainment Company.

A tall and straight figure of a man was standing alone near the window glass.

His pair of deep eyes were looking at the row of tall buildings from the outside.

Once again, the board of directors of the “Green Fruit Movie” had a fierce confrontation because of the heroine.

The heroine of the film has long been decided and the audition was just made to heated up the movie.

However, Lin Fengtian is absent from the meeting.

And even though he knows very clear his position.

He decided to qualify an extraordinary new girl, which is Yun Shishi.

All the investors and producers wanted to blast a pot and unanimously rejected Lin Fengtian’s decision.

The heroine has long been set to be Lu Jingtian, so how could Lin Fengtian got still fascinated with a little-known newcomer

Lu Jingtian is their chosen heroine so they wanted to shoot a scene already, but Lin Fengtian directly said that they shouldn’t do so.

Lin Fengtian always pursue the art of film.

So today, because of their refusal to take Yun Shishi they made him angry and force him to say a few foul words.

The general director gave them a big burden when he refuses to shoot, so a few executive director secretly forced the other executive director to build a group to stop Lin Fengtian’s plan.

Although the movie script is well created, they still shouldn’t underestimate Lin Fengtian’s influence.

If they lose him, the movie will end up nothing.

Without him, the appeal to be at the box office will collapse in half.

The meeting has ended.


Lu Jingtian who is standing on the side recall Yun Shishi’s breathtaking acting scene during the audition.

When the scenes flash back to her mind her heart got jealous.

The girl called Yun Shishi exactly portrayed Yin Xiachun’s character beautifully during the audition.

And Lu Jingtian was originally satisfied and convinced in her acting but now she looks down on her.

She cried too sentimental!

“Hmph! She’s quite opportunistic!” Lu Jingtian said angrily and looked up to Mu Yazhe.

She acted like she was wronged and tentatively asked, “Big brother Mu, you will help Jingtian get the heroine’s position, right ”

Mu Yazhe slightly looks down on her pale face but stayed in deep silence.

Lu Jingtian pulled his arm and sweetly said: “Big brother Mu, Jingtian really like this novel.

So to be Yin Xiachun is my biggest dream! Big brother Mu, can’t you help Jingtian fulfill her dream”

Mu Yazhe didn’t pull out his arm, the tone of his voice was calm but slightly indifferent. “Jingtian, usually your grandfather’s interference will hurt you but that’s for your safety.

As for me, I don’t mix up my business and private life.

So I don’t plan to interfere with the heroine selection just because I have an investment with them.”

“Big brother Mu … …” For the first time, Lu Jingtian needs to eat her pride.

Her face suddenly turns red.

The heroine will be selected by the director.

She knows this very clear, but now this is not the usual case in the entertainment industry!

Right now, the director has a little right to speak! Even if Lin Fengtian is an influential director, he still needs to worry about the other film’s investors.

The Universal Entertainment is the largest investor in the film, so if they will say a word for her how can Lin Fengtian stop them.

Mu Yazhe went back to his desk and said: “You are not a child anymore.

I don’t need to spoil you all the time.”

“Big brother Mu … …”

“Get out.” Mu Yazhe no longer has his patience and coldly said.

Lu Jingtian’s heart got surprised to know that he got impatient.

She didn’t dare to annoy him so she bitterly retreated out.

Just when she went out, Ai Lun knocks on the door.

“President Mu.”

Mu Yazhe gracefully leaned his back against the chair and his pair of sharp eyes looked to Ai Lun.

Somehow, his pair of deep eyes unexpectedly turns Ai Lun’s mind in mess!


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