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“Aunt dotes on you; thats why I cant watch from the sidelines you marry the daughter of a prostitute! Cant you understand my good intentions! That woman is intending to blackmail you with that child! Hah! Dream on! My stance is clear: this family will acknowledge Mu Yichen, but as for that womans son, no way! She can forget about entering the family with that little b*st*rd!”

“Little b*st*rd” His eyes narrowed dangerously.

Mu Shumin flinched.

Much to her chagrin, she knew that she had been too agitated such that she blurted out everything she wanted to say before even filtering them.

Hence, she bit her red lower lip flap to stop herself from speaking further!

Her brother glared furiously at her.

By saying that Yun Tianyou was a little b*st*rd, it was an insult to the family itself!

No matter how disgraceful the boy was, he still had the Mus blood in him!

Her nephew laughed and coldly retorted, “What is it, aunt Shes my wife, my woman; theres no need for you to worry about it!”

“How can I not worry!”

Her tone sharpened instantly as well when she sensed the thorn in his words.

“Yazhe, I see that youre getting more… How dare you say such disrespectful words! Are you blind Therere plenty of good women for you to pick, but you just have to choose an indecent woman! You can afford to lose this, but the Mu family cant! Never mind that you want to do foolish things, theres no need for you to implicate the rest of the family and make us lose face! The magnificent CEO of Disheng is actually marrying an actress—the very thought of it makes me sick!”

A sneer broke out on her face.

“Besides, shouldnt you consider your current status Indeed, youre the potential heir of the Mu family, but make it clear that you are only a candidate and have not assumed the position of family head! By then, youll lose more than you gain when you drop the position of family head for a woman!”

“Thats true, Yazhe.

Dont be rash.

Your actions are a little impulsive.”

His brows raised slightly.

“Then, does that mean that I can decide my marriage and my words will be final if Im the family head”

“Well talk when you become the family head!” She laughed mockingly, but in her periphery, she caught sight of a subtle action in his hands.

His hands were laced.

The ball of his right thumb seemed to be carefully rubbing something on his left forefinger.

The mans eyelids peeled open; his aura was overpowering.

She shifted her gaze with widened eyes but instantly realized that he was wearing a ruby ring on his left forefinger.

The Mus family emblem, a dragon riding a cloud, was imprinted on it.

This was their familys legacy mark.

Owning this ring meant utmost power in the family.

Only the family head had the right to have this ring that had been passed down over the century.

Her eyes bulged at once.

His second uncle could not help but be shocked when he followed her surprised gaze.

When the rest noticed the ancient ring on his finger, their faces stiffened with awe.

“W-When did this happen” Her speech was incoherent.

Her nephew remained silent, not even raising a brow at her question.

Just the night before, his grandpa arranged for a lawyer and a notary to draw up a will in his presence and handed the ring to him.


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