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She strangled the wild animal by gripping its throat tightly.

The jackal wailed and struggled to break free from her hold.

Lisa stood up panting.

As she pulled out a kris blade from her waist, she swept a wary glance at the jackals encircling her.

The leader of the pack suddenly pounced on her.

She swung her arm and flipped the knife in hand to pierce the jackals throat!


Perhaps that scene was deterring enough or her aggressive action was frightening to the jackals behind the leader as they successively retreated; their eyes held tinges of fear.

She then walked over to grab the leader by its throat, raised the kris blade in her hand, and beheaded it.

She kicked its head to the pack right after.

They let out howls of grief and horror.

That jackal was their leader.

Now that he was dead, they naturally lost their fighting spirit and fled instantly.

She returned to the hole and shone her flashlight on it.

It was dark and cold in there.


Youyou lifted his head and raised his hands to grope around him.

He heard a creaking sound and then felt excruciating pain coming from one of his arms.

His face contorted at once as he moaned in pain.

He struggled to remove his arm, but it was caught in an animal trap.

Its metal teeth were biting his flesh.

It was lucky, though, that the trap was not big, so his wound was not very serious.

He inhaled deeply several times while fumbling around in the darkness with his other hand.

He finally touched a cold arm.

He hastily pushed aside the dried grass and struggled to help up his brother.

When he fell into the hole earlier, his feet fell in first.

Hence, he landed on his body.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Because there was a thick layer of haystack covering the ground, other than a bit of abrasion on him, he was pretty much all right.


His brother, however, fell head-first because he instinctively grabbed hold of his arm.

When he landed, his head knocked onto the rock wall, so his mind was a little groggy.

The light from the flashlight shone from above.

As the younger boy lifted his head, Lisa asked, “Are you all right”

“Im fine!”

He turned to face his brother and lightly patted his face.

“Brother, brother, are you okay”

Mu Yichen gradually opened his eyes.

He hissed in pain when he rubbed the area he had bumped and found a wisp of sticky blood.

His head was injured and bleeding.


The pain sobered him up a little.

His brother fumed, “Have you gone nuts Dont you know that its dangerous”


“Dummy! Dont you know how to let go of my hand”

He was mad with anger.

His brother was baffled at first but soon understood his meaning.

He was angry at his twin for not letting go of him when he had the chance to do so and stubbornly holding his arm tightly.

Is he a fool


Didnt he know that hed be in a more perilous situation than I would!

His brother, however, did not think too much; he purely acted on instincts and only knew that he must protect him until his last moment no matter what!

He could not leave him behind!

Lisa looked down and probed.

“Whats going on Are you two hurt”

“Yes, a little.”

Youyou gritted his teeth, and he tried hard to pry open the animal trap, but it was too tight.

In addition, his other arm no longer had any strength.


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