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Having been trained in the army when he was young, Mu Lianjue was still skillful despite his age.

He snatched the fruit knife from her at once and kicked it far away, pinning her down at the same time.

“Have you gone nuts! You are bringing me bad luck by trying to die on me!” The man bellowed as he pushed her to the side.

She stumbled and fell backward beside the toilet bowl.

She lifted her head to look at him; her eyes seemed to shoot poisonous darts in his direction.

“Its you; you murdered my child! Who else could it be! Thats my flesh and blood! You murdered my child.

Give me back my child!” yelled the woman at him as she got up from the floor and blindly made a mad dash to him.


He sent a slap across her face, which did not seem to have any effect on her.

Like an evil spirit let loose from hell, she lunged at him again

“What an imbecile!”

The man clenched her hand with his eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Dont try to act like a fool in front of me! I wont take pity on you! I havent picked fault with you yet for foiling my plan! Do you think I wont do anything to you just because youre acting crazy here!” He paused and then added coolly.

“Besides, are you sure Im your childs murderer Im not! Youd better wise up on who the murderer is!”

She let out a ghostly laughter.

“Who else could be! If not you, who else could be!”

“Have you forgotten” The man looked at her angrily.

“Its Mu Yichen! If he didnt open fire at you, you wouldnt be hit and lose the child in your womb! To be exact, he murdered your child.

Get it!”

“Mu Yichen; its him… its Mu Yichen…”

She sat back, her eyes looking empty and hollow, and mumbled obsessively, “Its him… He murdered my child… Its him…”


Suddenly, her face twisted hideously as she grabbed and pulled her hair with all her might.

“Its him! He murdered my child… Ha ha ha! I want him to pay! I want him to pay!”

The medical team arrived.

As a nurse approached her, she swung her hand out and left a bloody trail on the nurses face.

“Dont come over! Nobody touches me! All of you are out to harm me, arent you! Get lost!” She screamed like a mad woman, losing control of her sanity.

Everyone exchanged glances.

They knew that losing her fetus was a great blow to her and sent her into a state of madness.

They needed to stabilize her emotions before further treatment.

The nurse brought an electric baton and everyone pounced on her.

Pinning her down by the shoulders, they successfully subdued her in the end.

She continued to resist, flailing her hands wildly until a doctor took the electric baton.

The shock from the baton sent her into a deep spasm before she collapsed on the floor.


Before she fainted, she mumbled through gritted teeth, “Mu Yichen, its… you… Its you…”

She was pushed into the emergency room for treatment soon after.

After this farce, Mu Lianjue could only curse under his breath before sending out an order.

“Watch over her carefully!”

With that, he left.


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