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Mu Yichen stared unwavering ahead, his eyes looking cold and stern.

As for Youyou, he had obediently curled himself into a fetal position without moving.

There was a sharp bend in front and the older sibling deftly pulled the hand brake while pressing lightly on the accelerator.

The car did a parallel turn at the bend; the tire rubbed against the ground with great friction, sending sparks with smoke flying around.

The vehicles at the back made a swift turn, too.

By doing that, the enemy exposed a great weakness.

The car was the most dangerous and difficult to control when the side of the tire rubbed against the road surface, which was what had happened when the vehicle made that sharp turn.

This was what Lisa had been waiting!

With her hands holding her pistol tightly, her beautifully arched eyes narrowed for a perfect aim at one of the two jeeps hot on their heels.

The tires of the front jeep were hit following two loud Pong! Pong!

The tires burst instantly!

As the jeep drifted on the ground at the bend, the consequence of burst tires was that it bumped off the road.

The vehicle flipped over and overturned.

Pulling her lips taut, two more gunshots were heard. Pong! Pong!

The bullets pierced through the air!

This time, they hit the gas tank of the flipped vehicle, and at that instant—


A loud explosion was heard.

The vehicle burst into flames at once.

The impact from the fiery waves largely assaulted them from behind.

Mu Yichen could feel his spine burning as the scorching heat roared past their backs, while Lisas hair fluttered wildly in the air.

Squinting her eyes, she checked to see the remaining six bullets after using four.

There was another sharp turn ahead, and the boy driving quickly stepped on the accelerator.

The jeep with the busted gas tank lost control and headed for the cliff.

The vehicle at the rear, clearly unprepared, collided with the other in an intimate kiss.

There was no time to react as it carried the wrecked jeep on its top and dashed tens of meters away.

The two vehicles rolled for a couple of distance and broke through the barricade over a hilly corner, flying off the steep cliff!

The three cars behind hurriedly came to a brake, shifted past the burning wreckage, and continued their chase.

Inside the car, the girl was preoccupied with loading the magazine when the older boy glanced at her out of his periphery.

He was startled to see a trace of blood trail on her cheek.

“Are you hurt”

She lifted her eyes, looked at him coldly without a word, and continued to count the ammunition quietly.

Actually, the blood on her cheek was not hers, though she did suffer a minor injury earlier.

In the dense bullet fight earlier, one bullet had brushed past her wireless radio earpiece and carried it across her throat at the same time.

Hence, there was a bruise with blood streaks on her neck now.

This was a minor injury and hardly worth mentioning, however.

To a killer like her who had emerged alive from a bloody game of survival, this sort of injury was inconsequential.

It was just a pity that a bullet had broken her radio earpiece.

Hence, they had lost contact with their support.

“Are you all right” asked the boy worriedly again.

Looking down, she merely continued to load the bullets, one by one, into the box magazine without so much as a glance at him.

Her movement was precise and swift; within a few seconds, the pistol was fully loaded and ready.

The older sibling sized her up secretly as he held the steering wheel tightly.

The aura from this girl was too chilling and lifeless.

Other than giving off a sense of deadly menace, she was cold as death.

A sudden heartache fleeted across his heart momentarily.

What had this girl been through for her to become like this


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