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Chapter 113: Untouchable


He Lingxiang shook his head with a wry smile but sent out several winks in his pale face.

However, the assistant mistakenly thought that he meant to gang up with the handsome man in black suit and fire his anger.

“Hey Hey Hey! Didn’t I said that you can’t stay here, did you hear what I said”

Having said that he rush to his side and reach out his hand to catch the handsome man’s shoulder.

In his surprise, the handsome man didn’t avoid him and just arrogantly stand there as if he didn’t see him.

In a flash, the assistant hasn’t realized what just happened but his wrist got firmly grasped by a group of people.

His carpal bones cramps and in a sudden twist his whole body turn in the air and he was thrown mercilessly.

Because of the strong force, he flies a few meters away and hit the wall.

All the people that are present got stunned when they saw an open crack to the wall!

That assistant embarrassingly scrambled in the ground.

He felt a surge of pain in his chest and spit out a mouthful blood.

His eyes immediately turned white and fainted!

Yun Shishi got startled.

Xiao Xue couldn’t help but be surprised when she witness such a scene and walked toward Yun Shishi.

But at that moment, the crowd slowly spread out and an astonishing man was seen.

The astonishing man stood still with his sharp eyes just like a knife.

His thick voice emphasize his anger as he said: “Where do you think you are How dare you act so rashly on my site”

Hearing these words, He Lingxiang immediately got scared and kneel on the ground.

His body was trembling but didn’t dare to make a sound.

Speaking about status, in the capital of Qingyang the person who ranked as number one is Lin Xiaozheng.

Lin Xiaozheng’s status is not shallow, he is considered as the head of the city.

And now, he is almost controlling all the organizations in Qingyang.

He is also helping to control and cover up the entertainment circle in all the brokerage firm that has a good or bad background.

Their organization has many branches in the capital of Qingyang.

And their member reaches a hundred of thousands of people.

With such a large number, their organization no doubt has a large influence.

And the leader of all these organizations is Lin Xioazheng, a man that is helping a far more superior leader.

This area is part of Lin Xiaozheng jurisdiction, so for someone who will deliberately make a trouble on his site means a challenge for him.

Let alone in front of the member of Mu family, surely this is a serious crime!

Lin Xiaozheng looked at the man that was kneeling on the ground and asked: “What is your name!”

He Lingxiang’s heart felt a terrible fear in Lin Xiaozheng endless intimidation.

He suddenly remembered something and carefully raised his face: “Boss Lin! In fact, I am … … I am … …”

“Your voice is too low, I can’t hear you!” Lin Xiaozheng impatiently said.

He Lingxiang closed his eyes and gathered up all his courage to raised his voice: “My name is He Lingxiang, I dare to ask … … this is … …”

He Lingxiang said with a smile, while carefully looking at the handsome man.

Lin Xiaozheng’s face immediately showed a respect when he looks at Mu Yazhe, then turn his face to He Lingxiang: “Are you inquiring about the Emperor Sheng Foundation”

He Lingxiang showed some courage but was still a little frightened, as he said: “Forgive me for saying this in your presence, but I didn’t recognize that he is the… Emperor Sheng Foundation… …”

He Lingxiang’s words were trembling, but suddenly he was unexpectedly got interrupted.


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