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His brother also turned his eyes and looked at him in surprise.

Youyou sipped his lips quietly.

There was no timer or anything on him that could track time; thus, he was keeping track of it in his head since he had been locked in.

It might not be exact, but he could not be far his deduction.

In this regard, his attunement to numbers was pretty incredible.

Startled, the man looked at his watch and was visibly taken aback.

It was exactly 11:30 at night.

Not a minute earlier or later.

The man frowned in puzzlement.

How could this boy tell the time so accurately

Could he be…

Suspicious, he opened the cell gate, walked to him, and searched him again entirely to no avail.

The man was really bewildered this time and asked, “How did you know the time now”

The child answered lazily, “I guessed it!”

“…” The man found the reply doubtful and fishy yet could not find anything suspicious on the kid.

He could only clap the boys face and threatened, “Rascal, let me warn you: Dont try anything funny.

Do you understand!”

“What can you do with me if Im playing games with you” The boy cocked a brow mockingly.

He was openly challenging the man with his cool retort.

The man sniggered and employed scare tactics typically used on children.

“What can I do I can finish you off and feed you to the dogs!”

Little Yichen was incensed when he heard that.

However, his brother only replied calmly, “Youll have to die alongside me if you finish me off.”

The man asked with a start, “Why must I die with you”

“Thats because I cant die.

If I, as your boss hostage, die, how can he get the shares to the Mu empire” The boy smiled sarcastically upon saying that.

The man was too stunned to say anything at that moment!

The kiddo nowadays could not be easily bluffed; all were as smart as imps!

The man snorted.

“All right, kiddo; you know well, but theres something youve failed to consider.

It isnt necessary to keep a hostage alive! Once our boss gets the shares, your little life is over, too!”

The boy could discern the threat in the mans tone and expression, though his face remained composed.

Sneering, he asked, “Why Are you going to eliminate the hostages”

The kidnapper could not help marveling at the little lads maturity despite his tender age.

The boy was beyond his age of six or seven in his manners and speech!

The man gave a creepy smile.

“Eliminate the hostages Scared Youd better behave yourself, then, and stop provoking us.

If not, I dont mind teaching you a lesson!”

Youyou looked up lazily.

He seemed determined to antagonize the man further with his frigid wit.

“What can you really do other than threatening to eliminate me Dont you find yourself childish”

“You!” Truly aggravated by now, the adult caught hold of the boys collar with a deep frown.

“Rascal, you are hell-bent on challenging me, arent you Do you think I dont dare to beat you up”

There was a strange noise coming from behind him.

Distracted, the man moved to turn around when the boy smirked coolly.

“Why are you laughing”

The man really detested his smile; it made him uneasy and chipped off some of his confidence.

“Im laughing at your stupidity.” The boy straightened his spine; his dignified presence was as tyrannical and haughty as his fathers.

The man creased his brows in uncontrollable rage! This rascal was out to make fun of him!


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