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Over a decade, a persons features would change with age.

The silhouette would not, though.

That pair of eyes, in particular, were exactly the same.

Was there really two people with the same appearance in the world

Could she be her!

He dispelled this thought as soon as it surfaced.


She was already dead and no longer existed in this world.

How could she be her!

His emotions fluctuated as his handsome face lit up in incredulous surprise before it fell from doubts.

He abruptly pivoted and walked to the door, only to bump into Li Hanlin who happened to be entering the office.

“Second Master Gong”

Startled by his tense expression, he carefully asked, “Sir, whats wrong”

The man suddenly grabbed his collar in agitation.

“I ask you: Who is this woman Whats her name”

He pointed to the woman in the poster, his tone pressing and urgent.

The agent was baffled at first, but as he followed the direction of his finger and saw Yun Shishis poster, he could not help but feel that his reaction was a little strange.

“Whats the matter, sir”

“Answer me now!”

Unlike his usual elegance, the man seemed to be nervous and anxious.

“Answer me: Who is this woman Why is her poster hanging here”

“This…” the agent faintly replied, “is a family member of Director Yun.”

“Family member What family member”

“As for the specific relationship, Master Gong can always ask him when he returns!”

He was being cautious.

His boss had specifically ordered him not to divulge arbitrarily his relationship with that woman for her protection.

Therefore, without his instructions, he naturally spoke with caution, feigned ignorance, and did not reveal too much.

Gong Jies brows knitted.

He messed up his fringe impatiently, knowing that there was no point in interrogating him after he noticed his cautious look.

His heart was unsettled, though!

In the ward, Yun Shishi sat up in alarm from the sickbed; she was covered entirely in cold sweat.

She could not help fumbling about uneasily in the darkness.

“Mu Yazhe”

There was a sudden movement next to her.

Following which, a big, warm hand was gently placed over the back of her hand.

“Im here.”

She nervously held his hand tightly.

Noticing her peculiarity, he leaned forward and held her shoulders.

“Whats the matter”

“I… I dreamed of the boys getting in danger…”

Her voice carried hints of a helpless plea.

She had slept uneasily throughout the night.

Nightmares would always come when she fell into a trance.

It always had to do with her children.

Earlier, she dreamed that the twins were being chased by someone.

It was only when they were shot in their bodies and collapsed from the excessive blood loss that she woke up in alarm with sweat all over her body.

The man embraced her tightly.

“Dont be afraid; its a dream… only a nightmare.”

He reached out to turn on the light.


The light flashed and lit up.

She covered her eyes uneasily from the momentary glare.

Her hands were suddenly pushed aside by him.

Leaning toward her, he pressed his lips against her quivering lips in a lingering and beautiful kiss.

He patiently coaxed her while his lips clung tightly on hers.

“Dont be scared; Im around.

You dont have to worry!”


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