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The wound in her abdomen, which required five stitches, was the most serious, and next was her ankle injury with its four stitches.

There were bruises all over her body and her shoulder had gotten dislocated, yet she seemed to be unaware of the pain in her maddening fury!

He caught hold of her suddenly.

“Dont move too much! You have a few stitches—”

“Get lost! Dont touch me!”

She cut him off loudly and pushed him away violently, almost using up all her strength.

He lost his balance and fell to the wall behind.

“How could you be so heartless to let Youyou be taken hostage! You are so unfeeling! If you need a hostage, why dont you be the one! Why not you! Mu Yazhe, how could you be so cruel! After you came into my life, Ive been exposed to a lot of danger.

Its hell! Why!”

Accusations hurled from her mouth unconsciously.

Even she was taken aback by her words.

Her words seemed to be overly harsh.

His face looked composed as always, and then after a long pause, he looked down with tiredness and resignation.

She knew her words had gone too far this time, but there was no way to retract what she had just said, unfortunately.

She fell silent all of a sudden.

Lowering her head, she clenched on the edge of the bed sheets as tears fell drop by drop, staining the clean, white sheets.

Reproach, guilt, fear, heartache… All kinds of emotions flooded and overwhelmed her like a tsunami.

She did not provoke him on purpose, but she could not understand…

She really could not understand the need to sacrifice two children in order to protect her.

A nurse came into the hospital room with her medicine and saw the blood-stained gauze covering her abdominal wound.

Frowning, she asked, “What happened Why did the wound split open”

She hurried walked up to change the dressing for her.

Yun Shishi avoided her when she came close, refusing to let the nurse touch her.

This put the nurse on a spot.

The man simply said, “Leave!”

“Sir…” The nurse tried to explain herself in a flurry.

“The patients wound has split open; let me change it to a new one…”

“Leave,” he coolly reiterated.

She dared not defy his command and quickly left the room after putting down the medication.

He sat by the bedside once more and reached for the dressing on her abdomen.

She avoided again, refusing his touch.

“Dont be stubborn.” He looked up and said this in a hushed voice.

Widening her eyes slightly, she was about to retort when he continued in a brassy tone.

“If possible, Id use my life to exchange for yours; Id never allow him to be involved!”

Her eyes flickered at his words, and the fragile bulwark in her heart collapsed instantly.

His lip lines were taut when he looked up at her.

He did not agree at first, but Youyou obstinately begged him to trust him!

He would trust him, then!

He trusted his younger son who had confidently promised to bring Little Yichen back home, safe and sound.

That was why he would trust him this one time!

She did not know the details; nonetheless, her anger had not fully subsided, so she somewhat resisted him.

He gently caressed her face with furrowed brows.

“Dont avoid me, okay After we change the dressing, you lie down and have a good rest.

I wont touch you anymore.” He sounded urgent and sincere, almost begging her, in fact!

He had indubitably put down his pride and status to beg her.

Her arms dropped to her sides weakly.


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