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Even though these soldiers were well-trained, they were still humans who needed rest unlike machines.

Besides, looking after the two kiddos was an utterly boring assignment to them.

What kind of trouble could two kids cause

Hence, they let down their guard and started to chit-chat while smoking in small groups.

The two boys exchanged glances.

Little Yichen had taken a bit of a shut-eye last night to recuperate.

The scar-faced man fed him another bowl of congee during the day, too, and that helped him to recover some of his strength.

He had received training in a special military boot camp at a much younger age so his body was well-built and his recovery power was speedy.

Despite being covered in wounds, they were mostly superficial.

He had no serious traumatic injuries or fractured bones.

At most, he felt pain from the thrashing, which was nothing to him.

His younger brother sized him up and frowned heart-wrenchingly at the sight of his injuries.

“Brother, are those painful”

This caught the older boy by surprise.

This was not the first time his younger brother had addressed him as such, yet the term sounded very different from the past.

His siblings voice was filled with rare, piteous tenderness, even more so was the unconcealed loving tenderness in his eyes!

With a heart full of warmth, his thin lips broke into a nonchalant smile.

“Not painful at all! These are superficial wounds.”

Youyous expression changed instantly, obviously doubting his words.


“Ive suffered more serious injuries than these before; dont worry about me.”

The older boy consoled his brother gently, but his words stabbed the boys heart, instead.

He did not know if his older brothers understated look was a pretense to comfort his worried heart or the injuries were truly superficial.

As he was not the one in pain, he could not tell what his brother was feeling; still, the latters torn and tattered clothing was unbearable to see.

Somehow, he felt apologetic and guilty inside!

After all, between his older brother and his mother, he had chosen the latter!

His face held mixed emotions at the thought of this.

His brother saw the self-censure on his face and asked worriedly, “What is it”

“Its nothing!”

“What is it exactly” He suppressed his volume and asked, “Wheres mommy”

“We suggested to Mu Lianjue to free one of you first, but he refused, so we settled for exchanging hostages, instead.

Mommy is safe now!”

Little Yichen exhaled heavily in relief upon hearing that.

“Thats good!”

Youyou was surprised.

“Why dont you blame me”

“Why should I blame you” The older one looked quizzically at him.

He hesitated and then explained apologetically, “I couldve exchanged for your safety first, but I had chosen to be exchanged with mommy, instead; I want to protect her above all—”

“What you did was right!” He cut him off brashly.

His younger sibling was rather startled by his resolute tone.

“Mommys injuries are more serious than mine, so your choice was correct.

I wouldve done the same too if I were in your shoes!”

Right now, both brothers had a tacit understanding.

The younger one relaxed for a moment and then smiled reassuringly.

How could he forget that his older brother was always responsible and dependable!

In his heart, he probably would have the same idea to put mommy as the top priority!

He smiled gently.

“Brother, I promised daddy and mommy that I will bring you home safely so trust me!”


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