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“Woman, follow us!”

A man opened the iron gate.

The moment the gate was opened, all the men pointed their loaded weapons to Mu Yichen, ready to attack at any moment!

His mother panicked and quickly leaned over to cover him, asking frantically, “W-What are you going to do to him!”

“Obey our commands and we wont do anything to him!”

“What do you want with me!”

The mans cold and mechanical voice rang again.

“Stop your nonsense and follow us! Youd better behave!”

She shivered momentarily and slowly stood up, casting a wary glance at them.

“Hurry up and move! Dont delay!” ordered the man heatedly again.

Taking in a sharp, deep breath, the woman forcibly suppressed the fear and anxiety in her heart and walked toward them.

Her son suddenly stood up, caught hold of her, and glared at the crowd.

“What do you want! Why did you tell mommy to follow you What do you really want to do!”

The man shouted, “Stop your nonsense! This has nothing to do with you.

Stand to one side and dont get in the way!”

He worriedly held on to her.

“Mommy, dont follow them! No matter what, I want to be with you to protect you!”

“Dont worry! Mommy will be fine.

Dont worry, okay”


The boy hardly believed their words as he clung even tighter.

“My mommy wont follow you!”

“Rascal, are you looking for another thrashing Let go!”

“Im not letting go!” Little Yichen was undeterred by their threats and spoke to his mother.

“Mommy, dont be scared; Im by your side!”

This incensed the man.

He rushed into the cell, raised the butt of his gun, and moved to smash it down on him!

The boy got ready to retaliate when his mother stepped in immediately, screeching, “Dont touch him! Stop!”

The man stopped his action.

She turned around and caressed the boys face with a gentle smile.

“Little Yichen, dont worry, yeah Mommy will be fine.

Be good and wait for me to return here, okay”

“Mommy… Im… Im scared… scared… Dont leave me…”

“They wont do anything to me! If they want to kill me, theyll have done it long ago, so be good and wait here for me.

Ill be safe, okay”

The boy was startled into nodding dumbly.

The gate was closed and locked again.

He watched his mother be taken away from him with worry on his face.

After leaving the underground warehouse, she was blindfolded and gagged.

Her wrists were restricted from moving by her cuffs.

“Lets go!”

The man behind her gave a push, and she stumbled a few steps forward before being carried up in a car.

After traveling for some time and by silently counting in her heart.

she reckoned that she had been on the road for about half an hour when the car came to a halt.

A long bout of silence ensued.

The stillness in the car was unnerving, and her breathing gradually hastened.

Suddenly, the car door was opened.

“Get down!”

Fear gripped her.

“What are you doing! What do you want to do!”

The man told her off.

“Shut up! Stop your nonsense and get down!”

She was pushed out of the car.

The man would nudge her every now and then as they walked, but as she could not see the road, she almost tripped and fell on a rock.

The black cloth covering her eyes was only removed after she had climbed a steep upslope.


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