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The middle-aged man greeted, “Yazhe, youre here!”

He regarded him quizzically.

“Fourth uncle, why are you here”

“Im here to see your grandpa; take a seat!”

The boy could not help holding his fathers hand.

As he held his son to his side, he walked to the beds other end and sat down facing Mu Lianjue.

A long period of silence followed.

The older man broke this silence first.

“Your grandpas condition is getting worse!”


His nephews face remained cold with his brows furrowed.

He suddenly laughed when he took a glance at his face.

“What You seem to have something on your mind.”

“Not at all!”


He laughed darkly again before his eyes fell on his bedridden fathers pale face.

There was a long bout of silence again.

A century seemed to have passed before he suddenly stated, “I think you have something you want to tell me, young man.”

Youyous eyes narrowed in wariness when he heard this.

He then lifted his head up to his father yet kept his sharp, penetrating gaze onto the man opposite them.

Keenly aware of the subtle change in his fathers face, he turned sharply and looked at the middle-aged bloke cuttingly!

There were subtle changes in the atmosphere.

Mu Yazhe suddenly questioned, “Fourth uncle, how did you know about grandpas condition”

“I got the news from our family!”

“He he!” He went straight to the point.

“Where are they”

The older man knitted his brows as he regarded his nephew with dark, meaningful eyes.

“What do you mean”

“Im asking you.” The younger mans eyes flashed dangerously and frostily.

“Where are they!”

Astonishment colored his sons face before he cast the older man a suspicious look.

Dont tell me that… its him!

The older man glanced at Mu Sheng expressionlessly; never once did he meet his nephew in the eyes.

He calmly held onto his cane and answered, “I have no idea what youre talking about!”

“You do.”

His nephew leaned forward to grab his collars with one hand as a gun appeared in his other hand.

He pressed the muzzle of it at his uncles forehead.

As the cold, mechanical loading of the gun sounded a click, a constant stream of cold air came from the black muzzle.

“Where are they”

“He he he… ” His fourth uncle suddenly gave a cold laugh, which got increasingly hard to restrain.

He laughed heartily until the end.

“Ha ha ha…”

His nephew regarded him expressionlessly.

“Its unlike you to lose your cool!” The older man lifted his eyes in provocation.

“Are you taunting me He he! Surely, you know what the consequences are for shooting me If I die, theyll die, too.

Ha ha ha—”

“Where are they, then” The younger man had finally lost his patience.

His uncle, however, sneered.

“Now, whats the hurry I know what you want; likewise, you know what I want!”

Youyou suddenly stood up nervously.

Were his mother and brother really in his hands!

Mu Yazhe pressed his lips firmly into a cold line as he pushed the older man away with the gun in his hand.

The latter lose his balance and nearly fell to the ground.

The little lad clenched his fists tightly, his eyes gleaming murderously.


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