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It was absurd to sacrifice loved ones for the sake of power and wealth!

Mu Linfeng completely lost his cool when he heard his nephews words and pointed furiously at the latter.

“Imprudent! Take back your words!”


His brows furrowed as he spat in disappointment, “Youre obsessed with her! Disgraceful.

Absolutely disgraceful! Have you gone mad Im really disappointed in you!”

The other regarded him expressionlessly.

“He he! Im sorry to disappoint second uncle, but Im also disappointed in you!”

“You—” Color drained from his face as his facial muscles twitched in anger!

The glint of coldness in his eyes was akin to a sharp sword with which he wished he could use to pierce through this insolent chap!

“Remember this: Mu Group hasnt come this far through your efforts alone! Its mine, too! I wont allow you to trample on my efforts in this manner!”

With that, he pivoted sharply and slammed the door after him.

An earth-shattering bang resonated across the massive office, which seemed to shake its very foundation!

Mu Yazhe slowly closed his eyes and took in a deep breath of cool air.

His son suddenly hooked his shoulders.

“Daddy, thats brave of you! Dont worry, though.

Even without the Mu Group, you still have me, mommy, and Little Yichen! We are a family and well go through thick and thin together!”

With a heavy look, he grazed the boys nose with his finger.

“Thats not what Im worried about!”

“Then, what”

“Do you really think that that person will hand them over for real after I give the Mu Group”

The smile on Youyous face faded as his eyes gradually turned cold.

“That person This means that you have a suspect in mind!”

“I probably know who he is!”

That person was the big fish that he had been waiting all this while—the one behind his mothers death!

He he! His despicable methods were still the same even after so many years.

According to the hospital, his grandpa would have been in grave danger if he had not been timely brought over!

He was no stranger to this method, of course!

Back then, someone also drugged his mothers medicine, which resulted in her death.

It was said that his grandpas medicine was drugged with industrial sodium nitrite—a slow-acting poison.

Consumption of 0.1 gram daily would result in poisoning after a long time; the person would then fall into a coma, then go into shock, and die!

The termsodium nitrite was familiar to him!

His mother had also passed away from sodium nitrite poisoning.

After her death, he was left to his devices in the large Mu residence and had to tread on thin ice.

For a period, he only took a bite of each dish.

The bowls and chopsticks he used were all made of silver.

It was only until later did Mu Linfeng bring him to his side.

His phone suddenly rang when he went to his desk.

“Boss, Grandmaster Mu is no longer in a critical condition!”

The Mu Groups private hospital.

The father-son pair rushed over, but when they arrived at the ward, Mu Yazhes face suddenly changed at the sight of the middle-aged man quietly sitting by the sickbed.

His strange expression made the boy shifted his gaze onto the middle-aged man.

Mu Lianjue slowly turned around to face them with a heavy and unsmiling look.


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