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This matter was indeed a little thorny!

That daddy of his was really worrisome!

At Disheng Financial Groups CEOs office.

Mu Yazhe stood by the window, looking far with a deep gaze.

It was currently nighttime.

The city was bright with neon lights and full of hustle and bustle.

The ashtray on his table was filled with cigarette buds.

His addiction to smoking was mild, yet today, he madly smoked a whole pack.

It was as if he could only calm down a little this way.

He was waiting.

He was patiently waiting.

The more he tried to agitate him and drive him crazy, the more he needed to remain composed.

He and his son were extremely alike in this aspect.

They knew deep down that the only way to deal with this situation was to remain cool.

Yun Tianyou was quick to arrive at his fathers office.

He instructed Lisa to guard the door as he knocked on it and walked inside.

He noticed his father standing by the window with an emotionless face.

Hearing a knock at the door, the man turned around.

As he saw his son, his icy gaze gradually filled with warmth.


The boy smiled and greeted him obediently.

“Mm!” The man let out a sound of acknowledgment.

He walked over and carried tightly in his embrace.

“Good boy.”

At least, he was fine.

He remained silent, only hugging his boy tighter.

The one in his embrace could feel how intense his hug was, though.

It was so strong that he hurt a little.

He, however, did not push him away this time.

Instead, his one small hand circled around his shoulders as his other small hand stroked his hair comfortingly.

He understood what his father was emotionally going through.

He knew that even the strongest man would have a moment of frailty.

Even though his daddy did not display it, he was sensitive enough to pick on the mans restlessness and guilt.

The mans guilt was deep.

It was likely because he was blaming himself for being unable to protect his family despite being a man.

As he continued to hug him, the man spoke beside his head.

“Youyou, Im sorry.”


“Daddy failed to protect you all! I am sorry!”

He had always been a man with kingly arrogance.

Uttering this apology was akin to him submitting.

Therefore, he had never said these words before.

Now, his heart was violently overflowing with guilt.

This was especially after seeing those brutal photographs of Yun Shishi and Little Yichen.

One was of his woman and the other was his son!

It was because of him that they were going through such ordeal.

He had always prided himself for his ability to plan one step ahead and for being the one in control of the situation.

Now, his weak spot was being clutched fiercely by someone else.

It was as if he had been gripped by his throat tightly to the point of suffocation.

The boy raised a brow and asked in a low voice, “Why are you apologizing”

Although his voice was tender and affectionate, it was extremely steady and calm.

Mu Yazhe was struck dumb.

The little lad continued to ask seriously.

“Daddy, are you a deity”

His father furrowed his brows, clearly unsure of where he was going with this question.

He raised his head and stared at him earnestly, his lips curving into a distinct arc.

“Are you a deity”


“No, you are not.”

He paused before he continued sternly.

“If you were one and you could foresee every future event, as well as stop dangerous situations from cropping up, that would be a different story! If you had such abilities but didnt prevent this from happening, then that would just mean that mommys place in your heart was insignificant!”


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