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The boy saw the cold look on the mans face and his eyelids twitched as he got an ominous premonition.

When the man began to walk toward his mother, the boy shouted in a fit of rage, “What are you doing!”

“Since she asked for it, then Ill let her have a taste of the whip!”

“Stop it!” His face turned icy.

“Just hit me; dont you dare touch my mommy!”

“What a close relationship between a mother and a son! Truly so close! He he! You bit me so severely; how should I get you to settle this!”

“Dont you dare touch her!” Mu Yichens eyes shone brightly.

The sharpness in them seemed capable of piercing the man through!

The man was stunned.

Even he was shocked at how deeply protective the boy was of his mother.

The child was only seven years old.

Was he not afraid of pain

Was he not afraid of death

He was already in such a state, yet he was still trying to be strong

Hearing his words, Yun Shishi felt as if her heart had been stabbed.

She had not shown a hint of frailty on her face despite all the torture she had gone through.

Now, she had a look of resignation in return for her childs safety.

She begged for mercy, “Please stop hitting him! Hes only a seven-year-old child.

If you continue…”

She did not dare to imagine it.

How much exactly could a child tolerate

As a mother and a child, they were connected by their hearts.

She could feel the pain despite it being his body that had received a whipping.

She would rather bear everything on her sons behalf than watch him suffer with her two eyes!

The man flashed an eerie smile as he began to walk over to her.

The boy yelled angrily, “Do not touch my mommy! Stop it!”

The heavy shutters at the entrance were gradually opened.

The man was stunned.

He turned around, only to see the scar-faced man entering the warehouse.

He quickly hid the whip behind his back and welcomed him.

“Boss, why are you here Werent you having a good rest Just leave us to keep watch tonight!”

The scar-faced man glanced at him coldly.

“Where is he”

“He… is over there!”

The scar-faced man trailed his gaze in the direction the man was pointing, only to find the boy hanging in the air with a body covered in blood.

It seemed as if he had been pulled out of a bloodbath.

It was a horrendous sight.

The scar-faced man glanced at the boy and was instantly in fury.

He stalked up to the man and slapped him, causing him to collapse to the floor.

“Who let you be so vicious with him! Didnt I forbid you all from torturing him He is so small and you are so rough; what if he dies!”

The man was so startled by his scolding that he trembled as he spoke.

“Boss, I—”

“Do you know If this child dies, the same will happen to you, and youll be dragging me with to the mud, too! Reckless dog, get lost!”

“…” Shocked at this knowledge, the mans face turned extremely pale.

“How many times must I repeat myself Get lost!”


“Get lost!”



As the scar-faced man grunted, the other man ran out of the warehouse in fear.

The scar-faced man walked toward the boy as he swept his gaze across the rest of the men.

“You all, get out as well!”

“Yes, boss!”

This bunch of lackeys trembled in fear and left hurriedly.

The heavy shutters were shut again.

The boy opened his exhausted and bloodshot eyes to meet the gaze of the man standing before him.

His mother could not help panicking.

“Please torture him no more; I am begging you!”

The scar-faced man ignored her words.

Sizing up the boy who had been tortured relentlessly, he asked expressionlessly, “Boy, does it hurt”

Mu Yichen grunted coldly, clearly not regarding him with any importance.

The scar-faced man smiled and continued.

“Young chap, you sure have a backbone despite your young age!”


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