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She shook off the assistants hands when the latter rushed forward to stop her and proceeded to the actress with a condescending look.

Yun Shishi lifted her head and met the intruders gaze fearlessly with a raised brow despite her wariness to the latter.

With a cold, measuring look, Song Enya kept her silence for a long while.

Since she refused to speak, the artiste took the lead to question her.

“What brings you here”

She understood what the woman wanted right away when she saw the latter throw her staff a side-eye.

“Ding Ning, Mu Xi, you may leave first.”

“Shishi, who is she Is it all right to leave her here” asked her assistant worriedly.

“Its fine,” she reassured.

Only then did the assistant leave the room uneasily with the stylist in tow; the two closed the door behind them.

Once only the two of them were left in the waiting room, the actresss mouth curled at the corner.

“Speak; what do you want from me”

“He he! As you wish!” Like a lofty philanthropist, Song Enyas red lips parted slightly.

“Im here to apologize to you!”

There was no ounce of remorse on her face despite it being an apology.

Rather, her face was filled with contempt, disdain, and even… disgust.

If she had not previously promised Brother Mu, she would never bow down to this woman in apology.

It was only after a great psychological struggle that she decided to come.

The artiste looked at her with a raised brow.


She would actually apologize to her

Was the sun rising from the west

“I shouldnt have… I shouldnt have hit you that day! I shouldnt have acted unreasonable, too.

Im in the wrong; Im sorry!” With gritted teeth, Song Enya gave a symbolic nod.

She felt greatly humiliated for apologizing to this woman, though.

She clenched her fists tightly and sank her nails into her flesh, which resulted in her feeling an unbearable pain.

“Thats all”

Yun Shishi was originally looking forward to her apology, but its lack of sincerity disappointed her a tad.

It was no wonder, though.

She, as a well-respected young missy, had always been spoiled, haughty, unreasonable, and supercilious.

Bowing down to others was something worse than death.

Saying that aloud was no easy feat for her.

He he.

“Im not accepting it.” She stated her stand at once.

The womans brows furrowed as she glared at her.


She already put down her pride to apologize to her, but the latter actually refused to accept it!

“Who are you not to accept my apology!” she sternly challenged, feeling utterly humiliated.

If not for her qualms, she would have given her face a tight slap.

‘Who are you not to accept my apology

Hah! What a lofty and righteous retort!

Need I accept her apology

There was not even a bit of respect for her in it.

The words sounded lofty and insincere.

How could she accept such an apology

Yun Shishi stated, “Its your business to apologize, and its mine to accept it.”

“B*tc—” The woman subconsciously scolded but hurriedly settled with glaring at her when Mu Yazhes cold eyes flashed in the latters mind.

Her fierce eyes revealed her desire to cut out the artistes flesh!

“Since youre done apologizing, can you get lost now” The artiste gave her visitor a faint smile while mercilessly driving her off.

The woman laughed in rage; her red lips parted to reveal two rows of pearlescent teeth.

“How dare you tell me to get lost!”


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