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Chapter 1100: Keep me company.

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He spoiled her by agreeing to her every demand no matter what it was.

She thought that she would always be his one and only beloved.

Even without giving her a title or status, she was willing as long as she could stay by his side!

She did not expect her position at his side to be usurped by another woman!

Yun Shishi…

He seemed to indulge that woman more than her, giving in to her in every whim.

Thats right.

Im jealous—insanely jealous!

Why Why can she have his love easily, but I cant!

It isnt fair!

The more she thought about it, the worse she felt.

Thus, heartbroken, she started bawling over the phone.

He could not help furrowing his brows and said in a hushed voice, “Stop fooling around and go home!”

“Brother Mu, can you come over and keep me company” She was close to pleading humbly.

“Just this time, can you come over and keep me company”

He was silent as he glanced past his shoulder to the figure lying in bed.

His forehead lined with cold creases.

Someone suddenly snatched her phone away and a mans voice could be heard this time.

“Hey, are you Enyas friend Shes very drunk now; Im afraid that shell get into trouble if she doesnt stop drinking! She wont let us send her back and doesnt want to leave the bar, either.

Shell get into trouble if this continues…”

He was still noncommittal when the man added, “Come and take care of Enya! Getting so drunk isnt a good thing.

If people find out that the mayors daughter has gotten herself so intoxicated at a hotel bar, isnt this going to ruin her reputation Come over quickly and send her home! Itll be too late to regret if something happens!”

The last remark was particularly poignant.

The man frowned and looked at Yun Shishi one more time before he leisurely replied, “Ill come over immediately.”

With that, he hung up and walked to the side of the bed where she was lying.

He covered her with a blanket, gave a light peck on her forehead, and turned to leave the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

When he was gone, Yun Shishi slowly opened her eyes, and lonesome silence greeted her.

Inside the bar, Song Enya was elated when she heard that the man was coming over soon.

This shows that I still mean something to him!

He sped along the way.

After parking at the bar entrance, he sat inside the car and refused to step off for some time.

He knew how his niece felt toward him, and he did make his stance clear to her.

Perhaps, my stance wasnt clear enough

The woman continued to hold illusions about him.

To him, she was merely a substitute for his mother.

That was only because she had a face closely resembling his mother.

Whenever he saw her, it would remind him of Jiang Yishan.

Thus, he had indulged and spoiled her.

He would follow her wishes whatever they were!

He still cared about her, though there were boundaries to that.

After getting off the car, he walked into the bar.

It was already past midnight, and the places atmosphere was starting to warm up.

To avoid the paparazzi, many entertainers would leave their house late at night.

Hence, this was the time when it started to get crowded.

He walked to the bar counter and found the woman slumped on the bar top.

He slowly walked over to her side and shoved her shoulder.

She woke up in a daze.

When she saw him, tears started rolling down her face, and she plunged headlong into his arms, crying and laughing.




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