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In her hazy state, she felt a warm hand gently wiping her body with a towel.

Someone then carried her to the bed, hugging her waist by his muscular, long arms.

His sonorous heartbeat reverberated in her ears the whole night.

After carrying her to bed, Mu Yazhe changed into an ironed suit.

Looking fresh and smart, he was, again, the royal elite.

Even after a night of debauchery, there was no hint of fatigue on this man.

He had always been full of vim and vigor.

Just as he was about to leave, the woman groggily opening her eyes entered his periphery.

He walked to the bedside and leaned over in a half-squatting position; his large palm then gently stroked her forehead.

Hooking his thin lips into a smile, he said in his baritone voice, “Wait for me to have dinner tonight.”

His voice was as deep, and sexy, as ever, and his palm was just as warm.

In her current drained state, it was not easy to tell if she was groggily awake or still in dreamland!

Looking at her dumb reaction, he chuckled softly to himself.

The man turned to leave after he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

After a momentary surprise, she felt a sense of loss hanging over her.

Thus, she closed her eyes and dozed off into dreamland thereafter.

When Little Yichen reached home in the afternoon, he was pulled along to complete his homework by his younger brother.

Recently, under Youyous close supervision, the older twin had finally memorized the multiplication table.

Even his sums had improved.

At least… he no longer needed to count with his fingers.

She was consoled tremendously.

Her younger son found this unfair and put up his hands in protest.

Mommy, you are biased!

Apparently, he could recite the multiplication table fluently when he was three, yet he had never seen her look at him with such an expression of comfort!

The woman fell into a silence.

She lamented in her heart, How can you compare in this way

The older boy was having trouble even with simple sums of addition and subtraction in the past.

Now, he finally knew how to multiply and divide!

After the older one completed his homework, he pestered his brother to visit the gardens night lights.

Mid-autumn Festival would be here soon, and many parks already started their thematic events surrounding this festival.

The events were usually a hit with their beautiful display.

Youyou was hurled out of the door by his brother after their mother cautioned them with a few reminders.

It was night finally.

The moon was hanging brightly on the treetops.

Mu Yazhe brought her to Zhonghua Number One Restaurant.

Once they entered the restaurant, the manager greeted them in person this time.

He enthusiastically welcomed the pair and led them to the most elegantly furnished room.

Earlier, Min Yu had called to make a reservation and pass instructions to the manager.

Of course, the manager dared not tarry for someone with Mu Yazhes status! Besides, he was deeply honored that the man had brought someone along to his small and humble establishment.

Actually, another customer had already paid and reserved the private dining room on this very day and at an earlier time.

This meant that their visit had clashed with the reservation!

The assistant repeatedly reminded him that his boss did not like noisy environment; hence, a quiet and elegant setting was a must.

No guest was as important as this one so the manager had to reject the earlier reservation unwilling to risk antagonizing the former.

After showing them respectfully into the private dining room, the manager served them the menu before retreating to a corner with a smiling face.

The manager waited patiently for the man to place his orders; naturally, it did not take long for the place to serve the food either.

Looking at the menu, Yun Shishi came to realize how famish she was.


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