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Like a person drowning who managed to grab a hay stick for support, she reminded him eagerly, “Y-Your phone is ringing!”

His lips gave a little twitch yet he showed no sign of answering that blaring phone!

“Ignore it!”

She looked stunned so he bit hard on her lip flap and said in a hushed tone, “Just focus on me now!”

He sank slowly into her under the constant ringing of his phone.

Pressing down on her, he laid her several times without restraint.

He was about to stop when the woman beneath him let out a soft moan that got him moving faster and more furious…

The soft, king-size bed dipped; it would be his playground now.

Despite her fatigue and although unlike her last nights proactive stance, she was able to respond in slight unison with him while he possessed her.

During the climax, she simply buried her small face in his nape and endured like an aggrieved kitten.

She hummed along and gave a weak moan occasionally.

Her scorching breaths that puffed into his ear were a kind of twisted torture to him.

Unknown to her, such actions only stirred up his deepest hankering, where he almost morphed into a beast on a conquest to devour her completely.

Indubitably, he was a man full of vitality in this aspect.

Her stamina paled considerably in comparison, leaving her in a daze at last.

There were a few times that he wanted to get her on top of him.

Alas, her body was too soft to hold up so he could only do her a few more times from above, instead.

This somehow managed to satisfy him.

After one last time, the man decided to let her off and stopped all action.

She could not beat her exhaustion after that.

Lying paralyzed in bed, she did not want to move at all.

Her eyelids were so heavy that she could hardly keep them apart.

Flipping over, she was soon sound asleep.

The spacious room was filled with a beautiful aroma that could only come after lovemaking.

As his heavy heaving settled down, he wondered to himself, When did I start to lust after a woman

She lay on her side, her body subconsciously rounding into a fetal position.

Her messy, black hair spread across the pillow and covered half of her jade-like cheek.

She looked indescribably alluring.

He lowered his head to gaze at her, and with that look, something inside him stirred again.

This woman was like an ancient woe—inherently capable of bewitching men.

Even in her sleep and stagnant posture, she could still capture a mans heart.

On the other hand, the thought of making her go through it one too often was insufferable as well, so he decided to spare her this time.

There was no need to rush things through at one go.

In this aspect, he was not hasty like the rest of the men.

He preferred to leave the best for last and enjoyed the teasing process in the meantime.

Besides, he did not want to scare her off.

There would be a future for that.

Her body went thoroughly flaccid as he held her up in his arms.

He could not help lamenting her weak constitution in secret!

They only did a few rounds and her body had gone soft and spineless like water already!

Both were sticky with perspiration after a wanton night.

Thus, he carried her into the bathroom to have a wash together and helped clean her up at the same time.

He concurrently summoned the servants to change the dirty bed linen.

In her hazy state, she felt a warm hand gently wiping her body with a towel.


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