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She hastily responded in her defense, “Kong Xiaoqian only told me that I must meet an investor; she didnt mention who it was.

Besides, I know nothing about his reputation.”

“…” Qin Zhou was rendered speechless.

“Havent I told you, time and again, that this circle is very messy Plus, without my order, you privately attended a dinner party.

Didnt you think of the consequences…”

Knowing that she was in the wrong for being stupid, the artiste obediently listened to his scolding.

His heart softened at her pitiful look and he could not help patting her hair.

“Thats it; I didnt intend to scold you.

I was just worried that youd be hurt.

With you being so stupid, Im really worried that youll be devoured alive if I let you outside!”

“What an exaggeration.”

“You havent encountered situations even more exaggerated than this.

Anyway, without my order, youre not allowed to act on your own in the future!” He suddenly smiled after pausing for a bit.

“Youre really capable, though, to stab him with a pair of scissors.

I heard that if it were a little more slanted, hed definitely have no offspring.”

She stuck her tongue out at him.

“Who asked him to offend me He deserves it.”

“You still have the cheek to laugh! If not for Chairman Mu putting pressure on those involved in this matter, youd definitely be killed by Li Dongliang.” He could not help but scare her a little.

The artiste was really shocked by this.

“Is he really so capable”

“What do you think Do you know what is backing Global Pictures”


“Dream Fund.”

“Isnt that the charity fund founded by Wu Lianjie” She was a little confused.

“Hah! Charity fund Thats because you dont know about it.

Its actually a money-laundering financial institution.

From government officials to the underworld, there are many big shots behind Dream Fund.

Wu Lianjie is only a spokesperson; the investors behind him are the real ones pulling the strings.

On the surface, it is a charity fund, but behind the scenes, there are many bloodbaths involving it that implicate the interests of the richest and most powerful people.

Of course, this can only be secretly discussed.”

She was dumbfounded.

“Why do you think those investors are willing to fund that movie despite knowing that they will make a loss In all honesty, its a way of laundering money!” He continued.

She was rendered completely speechless by this.

It turned out that the interests involved ran deep.

“Be more careful; this circle isnt as simple as you thought it to be.

Dreams are merely dreams; the reality is harsh.”

She nervously asked, “What happened after”

“Nothing much.

No matter how domineering Li Dongliang is, he will also have to let things settle on the account of Chairman Mu.”

However, just because the old man did not wish to pursue the matter, it did not mean that Mu Yazhe would do the same.

After the incident, Kong Xiaoqian was removed from her post, and Disheng followed up on the acquisition of the Kong Group.

It could be said that she came back with shorn instead of wool, getting herself in deep trouble and paying a steep price.

It was all because she had touched someone whom she was not supposed to touch!

“Of course, you got lucky that it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Lin Zhis main lead role may become yours in the end.”

She raised a brow.

“Are you talking about the female main lead ofLethal Beauty”

“Yes! I wish to fight it for you; we may stand a chance.” Qin Zhou appeared to be very excited.

The artiste, however, splashed a basin of cold water on him.

“Forget about it.

Theres no need to fight for it since they have already selected her.”

It was his turn to be dumbfounded this time.


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