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He believed that Mu Yazhe entirely had the potential to do so!

Still, she was his daughter; regardless of her deeds, he could not watch his progeny die before him.

Past caring about his face, he knelt on the ground and repeatedly kowtowed to the man.

“Master Mu! Master Mu! Master Mu, Im begging you! Please spare my daughter! Xiaoqian is still young and insensible! Its entirely my responsibility if she got into trouble!”




Over and over again, he kowtowed and banged his head hard against the tough and cold marble floor.

The man, however, remained indifferent and did not even look at him.

Feeling increasingly frantic, he crawled on his knees and grabbed onto the mans straight and smart trousers.

He pleaded tearfully, “Master Mu… shes my only daughter! I… Im begging you, please let her off! Please… please!”

The mans eyes narrowed slightly as he cast a sidelong glance at Kong Qixian who was howling hysterically.

Slightly loosening his grip with a frown and half droopy lashes, he then flung her aside.

Overjoyed, the old man hastily rushed to his daughters side and helped her up.

He repeatedly asked, “Xiaoqian, Xiaoqian… how are you feeling Are you okay”

She had an unending bout of coughing as she took in big mouthfuls of fresh air.

Probably due to excessive shock, her lips quivered and tears fell from her eyes at once.

Still in a state of shock, she hugged her fathers shoulders and cried out in pain, “Dad…”

This man… was simply too scary!

He was really as ruthless as what the rumors said!

“Kong Qixian, if this is the daughter youve raised, you really are a lousy father.”

Mu Yazhe turned around to look condescendingly at them and sneered.

“Dont think that Ill let the Kong Group off just like that.

Ill let you all know that not anyone can bully my woman.”

The elderly man nodded furiously.

The East Bay project, the Kong Groups business, and anything else no longer mattered.

He knew that the man was already being lenient to them!

If it were in the past, the consequences of offending this man were unimaginable; only hell was awaiting the person.

It seemed that the man had given them some face!

Without the Kong Group, he still could rebuild his company, but without his daughter, he… had nothing left!

“Get lost!” The man turned his face.

“Dont let me see you two again.”


The father-daughter pair helped each other up.

The woman cast a fearful glance at Mu Yazhe before leaving the room with her father.

At the same time, something had happened on another side.

Li Dongliang learned from his secretary that Yun Shishi had been bailed out by a big shot.

The chief police officer even sent her off himself!

The news almost made him jump up from the sickbed in anger!

It was no wonder that he was so angry! He intended to enjoy a dessert but ended up being stabbed by that wild lass with a pair of scissors, landing himself in the hospital.

He had already made arrangements in secret and even contacted his lawyer and the court.


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