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Caught in an awkward situation, she could only nod and give her consent.

However, she felt her right eyelid twitch intensely again when she caught sight of the mans piercing gaze, which he had failed to hide.

As for Li Quan, the bill was actually directly deducted from the companys account.

Saying that he was going to pay it was just an excuse for him to slip away.

Kong Xiaoqian had given him instructions earlier to leave the moment he was done with his meal as Yun Shishi was a gift for that investor.

As for the actress, she was to be tossed at that old investor for him to enjoy.

Naturally, this secretary could tell that the actress had been left in the dark about this.

She clearly did not know that this was no social gathering at all and was in fact a setup by Kong Xiaoqian.

The so-called social gathering was just to sell her to this old man and have her accompany him!

In this world of material desires, if one had money, one had power.

Despite not having much fortune, Li Dongliang was still worth a lot due to his pivotal role in the capital as an entrepreneur.

He was vicious and not someone Li Quan could risk offending.

Even though he felt pity and injustice for her, all these could only remain as thoughts and feelings.

Let alone the investor, even Huanyus PR department head could easily crush him with one finger.

As he was leaving the hotel with these thoughts, he saw Mu Xi get off a cab and make a beeline for the hotel.

He was taken aback.

He squinted his eyes out of curiosity, vaguely remembering who this girl was.

She was Yun Shishis assistant and had a good relationship with her.

Seeing her burst through the glass doors frantically, he quickly held her wrist.

Stunned, she raised her head.

Recognizing him, her eyes lit up as she hurriedly asked, “Secretary Li, great timing! Im looking for Shishi; have you seen her”

He furrowed his brows as he hesitated for a moment.

“What do you need her for”

She clearly did not have her guards up around him as she replied irritably, “I was at the company entrance earlier, and I accidentally overheard the PR department head talk about my artiste accompanying a client, so I rushed over! Where is she”

He pursed his lips with his brows knitted.

Strangely, he answered, “Shes just an unknown celebrity in the company.

It doesnt concern us whom the department head wants her to accompany.

Plus, its normal for celebrities to accompany clients at banquets!”

Mu Xi, who felt uncomfortable when she heard that, could not help retorting, “Why is it expected of her to accompany people for meals just because shes a celebrity You are too much, and you know how Li Dongliang is—”

“Enough!” He interrupted her impatiently.

“Arent you off work Why did you come running here”

“Of course, Im here to look for my artiste!”

She stretched her neck as she attempted to glance around the hotel.

“I heard from the PR department head that shes sending Shishi here to sleep with that investor! How can I not be worried” unhappily mumbled this assistant.

Subconsciously, he became frantic at her words, but he tried to keep a stern face.

“Dont make such baseless assertions! If the department were to hear you talk like this, she might fire you!”

“I heard it with my two ears, though! How could it be fake” As she said this, she readied herself to venture further into the hotel.

“Im going to go look for her!”

He hurriedly stopped her.


She furrowed her eyebrows.

“Im going to find Shishi and head back home with her!”


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