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Chapter 102: The perfect audition


The other producers just sit in the table, but Lin Fengtian is a movie director.

He had already mastered the script, so he knows that this girl is not nervous and didn’t read the wrong script but a direct proof of acting up.

And this girl is extremely smart, she already guessed that most of the auditionee selected the tear-jerking plot in this audition.

And all the examiner has long been bored, so she abandoned the most emotional plot, but selected the script of the most beautiful plot.


In the story, Yin Xiachun followed Yin Dongyu in the music classroom to practice the piano, the piano was the one who connected them as a brother and sister.

And eventually, both of them got obsessed with music and fall… …

Since childhood, Yin Xiachun like to stick around Yin Dongyu.

So, she got alienated by other student and have no friends.

On the second day of the annual school talent show, Yin Dongyu signed up her name.

With her brother’s encouragement, she passed the semi-finals and eventually she won the final round!

In her debut, Yin Xiachun felt the tension.

Yin Dongyu who was sitting in the first row muster all his strength to encourage her!

This plot is the most romantic part in the novel.


This girl is a bit mean!

Lin Fengtian’s eyes brightly shiny and think that this girl’s smiles are contagious!

In his eyes, the scene is not in the music room but rather in the magnificent hall, where students keep cheering and cheering.

And Yin Xiachun perform in the stage for a long time and overcome her tension and immerse herself in that moment!


This is what a good seedling is.

Lin Fengtian turned around and excitedly said: “Dongyu, why don’t you match her!”

Gu Xingze seemed to understand him, with his many years of acting career, he will be able to immediately put on his role.

He ran to the stage just like Yin Dongyu and eagerly look into her eyes.

Yun Shishi met his eyes, after a brief of exchange, she raised her face and shyly smile.

“Hello everyone, I am Yin Xiachun from Class-2, I am very honored to stand in this beautiful stage, so I will play the “Autumn whisper” for everyone.”

Then, Yun Shishi slowly walks toward the beautiful piano inside the room.

She slowly sat down and reach out her fingertips to touch the key.

At that moment, she presses the wrong syllables.

However, when she gently touch the keys once again, the tension she felt has finally been released.

She gracefully smiles just like a music wizard.

Lin Fengtian hold back his excitement, but from the bottom of his heart, he wants to know if this girl can really play the piano.

Or this play will end from there

He’s really looking forward to her performance.

Yun Shishi’s ten fingers caressed the keys and romantically play the “Autumn Whispers”.

Her fingers move freely as if she was only writing!

Smooth, very smooth!

This piano piece is extremely difficult!

No need to mention other people, because even Gu Xingze who always perform and sang the nightingale song won’t be able to play this piece live!

When Yin Xiachun played the “Autumn Whispers”, she won the first prize in the annual school talent show!

The girl who was sitting in front of the piano that looks like an angel had finished playing.

She confidently smiles, stood up from the piano bench and walked to the front stage.

She calmly accepts the applause of her teachers and her schoolmates for a long time.

“Great, great! Wonderful!”

Lin Fengtian was the first one that takes the lead to applaud!

“Yin Xiachun, this is the exact Yin Xiachun that I’m looking for!”


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