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She was about to leave when a thought struck her and she paused on the spot.

If Kong Xiaoqian learned that she was the one meddling in her affairs, she might lose her job!

Still, Shishi has always trusted me and taken me as her confidante.

How can I ditch her at a time like this…

This is against my conscience!

Relying solely on her memory, Mu Xi drove to Xiangti Walk and found her way to the bungalow entrance.

She pressed the doorbell a couple of times to no avail.

Have I come to the wrong house I clearly remember this being the unit, though

Is there no one home

What should I do!

What will happen to Shishi if nothing is done soon

She could not help shuddering when she recalled the lascivious look on Li Dongliangs face.

Breaking out in a cold sweat, she panicked and suddenly thought of Mu Yazhe.

She took out her phone but realized right then that she did not have his number – not even his offices or his secretarys!


Fortunately, a brilliant idea came to her out of the blue.

After calling the enquiry hotline, she got the direct number to the secretary desk at Dishengs headquarters.

She quickly

made a call to the secretary and soon heard a polite and respectful voice on the other end.

“Hi, good day to you.

This is the secretary desk of Disheng Financial Group.

How can I help…”

The assistant abruptly interrupted, yelling, “Im looking for Mu Yazhe!”

Secretary: “Oh…”

Before she knew it, the secretary had hung up the call, thinking that she was a lunatic for addressing the CEO directly in such a crazy fashion.

She widened her eyes in unbelievable shock. This is too much.

How could she hang up the call like that!

What kind of customer service is this! Ill definitely complain to Mu Yazhe about their poor service attitude!

Left with no choice, she reined in her anger and redialed the number.

It was the same secretary who had answered the call.

Barely able to control her temper, she spouted on the phone, “Dont hang up the call! This is a very important matter; can you let me finish first”

With a mechanical smile, the secretary tried remaining polite.

“May I know your name please”

“Please transfer me to the CEOs office!”

This put the secretary in a tight spot.

“I cant transfer the call without knowing who you are.

Itll be considered as gross negligence if I do that!”

Mu Xi bit her lower lip momentarily before she replied, “Im the head of Huanyus PR department, Kong Xiaoqian!”

She reported this name, instead.

Startled, the secretary showed a complete change of attitude as she relayed courteously, “Ms.

Kong, please hold on; Ill transfer your call immediately!”

After hearing a few dial tones, she was reconnected on the CEOs phone without further ado.

This time around, Mu Yazhes lazy voice came from the other end.

“Hi, whats the matter”

“Master Mu, Im… Im Yun Shishis assistant, Mu Xi.

Weve met last time!”

The man raised an eyebrow, but his tone remained neutral.

“What is it”

She patiently explained the matter to him from beginning to end.

“Its like this…”

At the Dynasty Grand Hotel.

Under the delicate lights and shrouded in thick foggy smoke, the room seemed to feel a little sleazy.

A woman wearing exquisite makeup was kneeling on the couch.

She was in a red dress that hugged her voluptuous figure.

She was indubitably a provocative woman that no man could resist.

With her curvaceous body and ample chest, coupled with her fair and beautiful legs dangling coyly from time to time, men could not help getting aroused by her.

Li Dongliang sat on the couch like a proud tyrant as he reveled in the womans slinky behavior.


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