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“Ill wait for you outside.”

With that, he left with Little Yichen.

Li Dongqiang cackled evilly as he stepped closer to Lu Jingtian.

Her fear intensified indefinitely.

She thought at first that these two kids were pranking her; now, she no longer thought so!

The gangster slowly squatted in front of her and took out the black cloth from her mouth.

Given the chance to speak, she quickly squeaked out, “W-What do you want to do!”

“Dowhat Do you, of course.” He grinned lasciviously.

She stiffened at his words as she watched him stand up and undo his belt buckle with a hand.

“You… What are you doing This is rape! You… Dont mess around!”

“Hmph.” He paid no attention to her.

Gaping, she looked around in panic.

She understood now the situation that she was in.

If she behaved in an overbearing way like before, she would undoubtedly die faster!

She did not get what those two rascals wanted with her, but…

Yun Tianyous murderous gaze was not a joke.

Raising her head, she smiled at the man.

“How much money do you want”

He froze at her words.

“Those kids gave you money, right! You… Im telling you that Ive got a powerful background.

My father is influential, so youd be better off not offending me, or else youll regret it!”

This was the only plausibility she could think of.

Little Yichen had money; Mu Yazhe usually gave him tens of thousands of pocket money.

“Ill give double what he offered! T-Thats why… Can you let me go”

She stuttered in her panic.


If you give me double the amount, Ill release you.

He he!”

This thug was of course not the type to do unprofitable business, so he squatted as if he intended to negotiate with her!

Settling down, she promptly asked, “How much did he give you”

The man retrieved the check from his pants pocket and showed it to her.

The woman was shocked by the words written on it.

“Impossible! Where would he get so much money!” She laughed.

“I think youve been fooled by those two kids.

Think for yourself; both the kids age doesnt even add up to fifteen.

Do you really believe that he can give you so much”

She only thought that the money was given by Little Yichen and did not consider Youyou.

The man raised his brow.

“You cant fork out this much, huh.”

In fact, if it had been before, he would never have believed a child to be capable of giving him so much money.

However, he had witnessed the strength of that child.

She was startled.

“Are you stupid This paper must be fake! Only youd treat a fake check as a treasure! Ha ha! What I give you will all be real, unlike this fake check!”

“Well, if you give me whats written on this check now, I will let you go then.”

She fell into silence at once before she flew into a rage.

“How can there be so much money with me now! Its a seven-figure sum—not thousands or tens of thousands!”

“He he! I thought how capable you are! If youre capable, write a real check for me to open my eyes! Small commoners like us have never seen a check, so we naturally cant distinguish between a real and a fake!” The gangster patted her face.


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