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Her frail makeup with the snow-white outfit was what this particular scene needed.

Moreover, she was recommended by Qin Zhou.

He should at least let her finish her audition for his sake.

She expressed her gratitude.

Thank you for giving me this chance, director.

With his arms across his chest, he casually said, Start acting; I give you three minutes.

She prepped herself and soon got into her act.

… Ten years! It\'s a full ten years! It\'s me! I stayed by your side and went through thick and thin with you.

Finally, after our hardship, you got your title and became the emperor, but what did I get in return! What did I get! I gave you my all sans a complaint, only to receive a ten-year-long banishment.

Now, you even want me dead! Na Lanye, you are so cruel, indeed…

Her eyes were vacuous and lifeless as hatred oozed from the depths of her orbs.

Her facial expression was dramatic and enticing.

The director watched her silently with his arms across his chest.

He looked solemn, and no one could tell what was on his mind.

When Yun Shishi left the audition hall, she was quickly greeted by her assistant outside the door.

How is it Did you pass the audition

She looked at her calmly and answered, Nope.

Huh Are you kicked out already

This was unexpected of her!

She had full confidence in her artiste\'s acting skills!

Mu Xi stared at her, wide-eyed.

Why are you kicked out so soon Even with the wrong script, your acting skills should be good enough to move on to the next stage.

What did the director say

The director didn\'t say anything. She told her assistant.

It\'s the producer who announced the result.

… Aye.

I should\'ve expected that.

The producer is on the same side as the investor! Chengguang is out to make Lin Zhi as the female lead. Mu Xi scratched her head and looked sullen.

This was when she said, Getting kicked out shouldn\'t be a surprise.

After removing her makeup, she left with her assistant.

Inside the car, she received a call from her manager.

Shishi, I heard from Director Gu that you were eliminated.

Eh. She looked at peace as she affirmed that.

After all, this was an outcome that was within her expectations.

Don\'t be sad.

He just called me to praise your acting skills.

It\'s just… He told me that the audition is merely a publicity stunt.

They\'ve long selected the female lead.

It\'s Lin Zhi, right she asked.

You know


That\'s why I\'m not surprised by the outcome.

He continued.

He also said that, if you are willing, he can use his powers to give you the supporting role.

How about that Do you want to consider

Supporting lead

According to the script, the supporting lead was the female lead\'s older sister, Qin Xianhui.

She was a top beauty in Western Liang.

Alas, behind her beautiful façade and gentle disposition rested a scheming and vicious woman.

She was actually the one who had plotted Qin Changle\'s demise before.

After the latter got reincarnated, she kept plotting her doom but eventually suffered her karma and died a terrible death.

This was a role that would test an actress\'s talent and incur the viewers\' spite.

However, this was a substantive role in the show.

The role of the older sister was created to complement the younger sister fully.

She knitted her brows but kept her mum.

He kept quiet for a while as well before saying suddenly, This show is really a rare opportunity.

If you don\'t want to give up, there is still a way.


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