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She replied, The audition is on the scene of banishment, so—

Banishment! Yang Mi cocked her brow quizzically.

Shishi, have you read the wrong script


The audition isn\'t about that; you\'ve got it wrong. Her colleague told her matter-of-factly.

She was shocked to hear that.


How can that be

Qin Zhou had personally handed her the script.

A startled Mu Xi quickly made a call to the man to find out the truth.

He said, I got the script from Chengguang.

Is there something wrong with it

The assistant told him, We just learned from the team that went in earlier than us that the audition scene is on the female lead being bestowed her title.

It seems that someone is out to sabotage us. He gnashed his teeth.

Chengguang gave me the wrong script on purpose.

What should we do The assistant was in full panic mode by then.

Yun Shishi from the second group, please get ready for audition.

Someone came knocking at the door to inform her.

All of them froze at this, unsure of how to proceed.

The assistant grew even more anxious.

The script was found to be wrong at this critical moment.

What could they do

Shishi… let\'s not audition anymore, she suggested.

The two artistes exchanged glances.

Pursing her lips, Yun Shishi firmly uttered, I\'m going!


Yang Mi naturally knew what she was thinking and chipped in, Since you are already here, you must give it a try regardless of the script.

If you leave in this manner, the production team may deem it as disrespectful.

Your reputation will be at stake if others find out about this.

She hurried to the audition hall, and as she stepped in, the row of directors was stunned; one by one, they started to frown disapprovingly.

The audition was on the bestowment scene; why did she dress so plainly

Her makeup made her look frail, too.

Gu Xiaoyang looked at the name listed.

Yun Shishi…

She\'s the newcomer recommended by Qin Zhou, huh!

She does have the looks and presence, but…

He coldly interrogated, Did you read the script Which scene are you doing with this getup


Haven\'t you read the script! This is so unprofessional! Get lost; you are out! The producer banged the table.

Biting her lower lip, she replied seriously, I\'ve read the script.

The producer did not seem to believe her.

What\'s the reason for your getup, then

She could not possibly say that someone was trying to sabotage her, could she

This producer seemed to be hard-to-please; he would definitely find her reason as an irresponsible excuse.

That\'s enough.

I think you\'re not serious about this audition with your sloppy preparation.

You\'re out! The same producer spoke again and mercilessly put her down.

She bit her lip and frowned.

Despite her grievance, she did not know what else to say and was about to retreat when Gu Xiaoyang spoke out of the blue.

Hold on.

She stood on the spot with a start.

The man flipped open the script and asked, Which scene did you prepare for

She replied, The one where she was banished to the cold palace.

All right.

You can start.

The producer at the side became anxious, instead.

Director Gu, you! This person has obviously taken this audition lightly.

Why are you…

Let her finish the audition at least!

Impatience started to show in the man\'s eyes.

Are you the director or me

The producer could only keep his mouth shut after that.

He could see that Yun Shishi had pored through the script thoroughly.

Her frail makeup with the snow-white outfit was what this particular scene needed.


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