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The implication of her words was that Yun Shishi had the shameless delusion of vying for the female lead role.

This was a downright attempt to embarrass the latter.

She clearly bore a deep grudge against her.

Of course, she did not know of this woman\'s participation in the audition.

Despite it having been decided that she would be the female lead, this woman\'s presence here still irked her.


Both of them were relatively new in the industry that were being pushed by their respective companies.

Since they had the same style, the moment Yun Shishi joined showbiz, Huanyu used Lin Zhi\'s popularity to hype the former up.

Of course, this former did not know of this.

The latter, for her part, knew about it too well; in fact, she was still brooding over the issue.

No one wanted to be used by a competitor as a stepping stone, after all.

Mu Xi broke out in a cold sweat, only to hear her charge respond indifferently, Yes! This drama is really popular, so I\'m here to get in on the action!

Her light and teasing tone easily melted the awkward atmosphere.

Lin Zhi was stunned.

Her judgmental gaze deepened.

The actress\'s assistant at the side reminded her about her audition timeslot.

She faintly snorted in response before turning to leave.

Mu Xi lips tugged down.

I\'ve decided to leave the fandom!


She huffed angrily.

She\'s so arrogant by purposely trying to make things hard for you.

It\'s so infuriating!

All right; don\'t be angry.

You definitely have to do your best to clinch that female lead role.

Let\'s see if she\'ll dare look down on you after that!

Her artiste just replied honestly, I don\'t think there\'s hope for me.

Ah She was dumbfounded.

You don\'t have any confidence at all

Initially, I still had hope for success, but her tone sounded sure of her backing.

It seems that they\'ve already truly decided on the female lead, replied her charge.

Then… should we still participate in the audition

Of course! Why not Qin Zhou fought for this spot for me; why should we let him down Even if we can\'t get the female lead role, I will at least be a familiar face to them! optimistically declared her artiste.

Be a familiar face… Pfft…

She was extremely amused by her optimistic outlook.

Inside the makeup room, when the stylist heard that she was a celebrity from Huanyu, her attitude became a lot colder.

She randomly threw her a white outfit and left.

Yun Shishi unfolded the plain white outfit.

Recalling Lin Zhi\'s elegant costume, her outfit was clearly incomparable.

This is too much! They gave that actress such a beautiful attire; why did they give you a dull outfit! Her assistant was gloomy.

She raised a brow before she broke into a smile.

Help me apply makeup!

My makeup skills aren\'t that good.

I don\'t need my makeup to be too exquisite.

Just apply some face powder to make my face seem more withered.

Draw my eyes a little bigger, my lashes a little longer, and my lips a little chapped; that\'s all.

That\'s easy!

Her assistant got to work at once.

After a short while, the makeup was done.

She looked at the mirror.

A thin and pallid yet still beautiful face greeted her eyes.

Since the audition script was about banishment, her makeup could not be exquisite as she must look a little withered.

She was the last to audition in the second group.

Yang Mi suddenly walked in.

Seeing that she was also there, the woman was slightly shocked.

However, when her colleague saw her white outfit and withered makeup, she was even more stunned.

Shishi… are you here to audition, too

She smiled the moment she saw her.


Why… is your makeup \'haggard\' The actress was a little confused.


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