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She cocked a brow at him, seemingly surprised by his tact.

What is it Just ask away.

He pouted in hesitation.

Drumming the tabletop with his fingers, he proceeded cautiously.

This may be a crass question, but I must get the whole picture of the situation, so please pardon my rudeness. He paused for a bit before opening his mouth again.

I\'d like to know what\'s up between you and master Mu.

She was startled.

Why did you ask that

I can tell that he\'s preferential toward you. He told her truthfully as he fingered his thumb ring.

It was very unusual, indeed.

At least, in his impression, that man was coldhearted.

Why did he have such an impression

Back when Huanyu was just bought by Disheng, a few star agents put together a list of actresses to present to this powerful and influential CEO in hopes of getting into his good books and acquiring valuable resources for their charges.

Gifting women for the sake of fame and fortune was a common norm in this industry.

Whoever piqued his interest would naturally get better opportunities for her team.

In the end, the man merely threw the list aside after looking at it and was no longer brought up again.

There was never a woman beside him.

He never associated himself with any of them despite those ladies flocking to his side.

He held the reins to this entertainment empire yet steered clear of intimate relationship with any actress.

Yun Shishi was the first and the only one.

He tried to know her status to this man before; alas, no one in the office had a clue.

They just knew that she was someone special.

In what way was she special They could not tell.

She thought for a while.

Albeit she could not tell where this question came from, she decided to come clean with him.

We are lovers.

He squinted his eyes.

I heard that you have a child

How did you know that She was rather surprised.

How can I make a living if I don\'t know the background of the artistes under me He was mildly displeased with her comment, which he deemed as an insult.

Rapping his knuckles on the tabletop, he pressed on.

Is the child his

She clenched her teeth.


I heard that, seven years ago, a mysterious woman became a surrogate for the Mu family and that young master Yichen didn\'t come from Mu Wanrou but through a bloodline surrogacy.

He paused and looked at her pensively after saying that.

She looked slightly embarrassed, though she had to sigh in awe inwardly.

The mouths of those who knew about this matter were sealed.

How did he find out

She added with a sigh, Actually, they\'re twins.

The older one was taken away upon birth, while the younger one wasn\'t breathing at first but eventually managed to keep his life.

My father had to use his connections to keep this from the Mu family.

The agent seemed to come to a realization.

You can very well marry into that elite family.

Progeny is important to people like them, and you bore them two sons; those are valuable assets to them.

She was unfazed.

I don\'t want.

\'Don\'t want\' He was surprised to hear that.

Why not

She kept quiet.

He asked quizzically, Pardon me for my directness.

Being with such a powerful man, you can very well live a prosperous and carefree life; Why come into the entertainment industry still


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